How To Feel Like A VIP

May 24, 2019




When you get a little down in the dumps, it can be really hard to improve your mood on your own. Dragging yourself out of bed, skipping your skin routine and trudging to work, it’s easier to emphasise the unhappiness rather than work to improve it. However, it’s on you to take steps in order to be in a much better frame of mind, so here’s a little help to get you started.



Go On A Shopping Trip


One of the best tried and tested ways to lift your mood is by taking yourself to buy a few new items for your wardrobe. Try on some different outfits and go for something out of your usual style and comfort zone, reinventing your look a little can boost your confidence by a mile! You express yourself through clothing, and each new piece is like an updated visual representation of your personality. It’s so important to look as good as you want to feel, and you create this image with every purchase you make.


Have A Photoshoot


When you finalize your new outfit, pluck up some courage and arrange a photoshoot. This can be with solo or with friends dependent on how confident you are, but either will have a mood lifting effect. You can easily find a photographer in Miami or wherever you may be, and they can help you capture whatever style you want to express through some really beautiful images. You can perk yourself up and remember how important you felt and can again feel in the future by printing these photos and arranging them in a book to flick through when you’re not feeling on top form.


Spa Experience


Heading to a spa retreat is often a lot of hassle and money, and you can save the time and spend less by doing it at home. It’s so simple to get together a few things that will change your day: a rich bath foam, a purifying face mask, essential oils to nourish your skin, and some cute new nail polish to give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Just by having a bit of ‘me time’, you can wash away the stresses of your day and find an exclusive experience in the comfort of your own home.


Cook Up A Storm


Going to a fancy restaurant is always a mood booster, but there are more benefits if you choose to cook yourself a high quality meal of the same indulgence at home. Search for a recipe you like the look of and source some really great ingredients to make it with. By putting in some work in the kitchen you can relieve some stress whilst chopping and tenderizing, and reward yourself for it all by eating the fruits of your labour afterwards.


There are lots of ways to feel like a VIP, both physically and mentally. These steps are a great place to begin, and should help send you in the right direction of self care and sassy confidence.


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