What Helps A Home Look Tidy & Smart?

May 7, 2019




As normal, everyday people, most of us have a pretty refined capacity to apply a quick judgement to something within seconds. It’s not hard to see why this is the case. Most of our lives we have to make snap judgement calls. Do we buy this product, or that one? What would you like to eat this evening? Do we opt for this outfit, or that one? Most of us usually go with our cut, but sometimes long form reasoning and thinking things out will be required.


That’s usually not the case when we see the front of a house. Walk past any residential area and there will be a few houses you truly do not enjoy seeing, and perhaps some you do. Everyone has their own taste in how their front garden is shaped, how functional or tidy their driveway is, and the style decisions they make with the front area of their home.


Using this power of quick judgement can help you decide on what to implement yourself. You immediately know you want your home to be tidy and smart, the opposite of those homes you might disapprove of. But what does that look like? Follow us as we explore exactly that:


Clean, Well Designed Windows & Frames


The beauty of a well-installed window with a great aesthetic is that it increases the value of your home from inside and outside. To this end, using Elite Window Solutions could be a true priority here. Not only could new windows help you once again tie in an aesthetic to match your house repaint, the style of your front door and to let renewed light into your home, but it could also prove as an extra security solution if they are strong, weather-impervious, and easy to make private. Not only that, but window and their bay seating areas might also help you improve the space felt in your house, and help you seek justification for a further home renovation. When you look at a home from the outside, even if you do not expressly notice the windows, you’re going to be noticing the windows. That’s how important they are when considering the entire aesthetic of a home.


The Garden Path


The garden path, and how it influences the shape of your greenery, can be important to appreciate. How it winds from the exterior of your property to your front door, how it interacts with the driveway, how well separated it is from the green, how well-cleaned the tiles or bricks are, and how unimpeded they are by debris can all decide on how your building looks, and might give you more creative options to deal with. For example, lining the path with small lights, an overarching tunnel structure, or perhaps a simple flower bed on either side. Sometimes, a simple subtle design, using pure practicality, can also go a long way.


The Fence


A fence leading onto the property is often used, and sometimes, it can become old and worn. It might rust in the rain, it might lose its paint over time, and it might look less beautiful than you had expected it would over time. Replacing with a more sturdy fence could improve your security, or potentially keep your home looking smart.


With this advice, we hope you are able to keep your home as tidy as organized as it should be.


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