Thin Lippy

April 15, 2019




When it comes to our faces, you could say that lips take center stage. Our eyes, of course, also play a significant role. Our skin, too, needs a fair bit of attention to do us justice. But, when it comes down to it, none of that will do us any good if we don’t take care of our lips.


These are the most sensual parts of our bodies. When we speak, we can guarantee all eyes are drawn to this feature. That’s why many of us also work to overcome lip-based issues along the way. Those of us with dry or chapped lips often spend our lifetimes lathering them with lip balm to cover the issue. But, what happens if your lip problem isn’t as easy to address?


In some instances, thin lips can see us feeling self-conscious without knowing what to do about it. Dealing with this isn’t as easy as using a moisturizing product, after all. Still, it could see us hiding at the back in photographs and avoiding eye contact with hot guys. The question is, then, what can you do if you’re dealing with problems of thin lippy?



Get busy boosting circulation


To many, lip exercises like those mentioned on can seem a little out there. Whoever heard of such a thing? You aren’t exactly going to get down with exercises like these at the gym. The reality is, though, that the right lip exercises could see you increasing circulation and giving your lips a much-needed boost. This is especially worth your while when you consider that our lips thin further as we age and they stop producing collagen. By getting on top with exercises early, you can prevent that from happening. Just make sure you shut that door before you start with all that lip waggling…




Don’t be afraid of fillers


To many, the idea of lip fillers is pretty off-putting. We’ve all seen what can happen when people go too far with these, after all. But, done in moderation, lip fillers like those offered by could take care of this issue once and for all. The trick is to keep this minimum. Explain that you want a natural pout which doesn’t look out of place. You can then fill out those lips fast, and feel confident with your mouth at last.



Make your makeup fill things out for you


If none of the above appeals, you could always let your makeup do some plumping magic for you. As can be seen from sites like, there are plenty of options here. Something as simple as selecting the right shade of lipstick could do the trick. Nudes are ideal as they detract the eye while still making your lips prevalent. You may also find that something like overlining with a lip liner gives your lips the boost they need. Just make sure you practice this at home first. If your efforts here are apparent, they could end up highlighting your lippy issues instead!

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April 15, 2019

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