3 Good Reasons to Pursue Self-Sufficiency in Your Home

April 12, 2019





When you say "self-sufficiency," a lot of people will automatically visualise hard-core survivalists in their mountainside homesteads, stockpiling ammunition and cans of baked beans.


Well, that's certainly one way of applying the general self-sufficiency ethos, but it's definitely not the only one, and you certainly don't have to go down a path as extreme as that in order to benefit from pursuing self-sufficiency as a virtue in your home.


Self-sufficiency can mean different things, and it's always a relative assessment. Knowing how to cook makes you more self-sufficient than someone who doesn't. Having your own electric generator makes you more self-sufficient than someone who depends entirely on the local electric grid. Having Berkeley pumps installed on your property to deal with potential flooding and related issues makes you more self-sufficient than someone who just hopes for the best.


However you specifically choose to go about increasing your household self-sufficiency, here are a few good reasons to do it.



It will make you more resilient against natural disasters and infrastructure issues


We all generally like to think that society, and the environment, are stable, balanced, and geared towards our own good. At least, those of us in functional first world societies like to think that.


Of course, all sorts of natural disasters can happen to people, wherever in the world they are situated, and even stable and affluent societies can be subject to social upheaval.


If you live in the UK, for example, your home may genuinely be destroyed by a flood – depending on the particular area you live in. And events such as the 2011 England Riots can render your home and business at real risk.


Generally speaking, it's always best to have a backup plan, and systems in place to make you more resilient against those external uncertainties.


It will increase your sense of self belief and confidence


When you know that you can do more for yourself than you used to be able to, and that you are more resilient in the face of uncertainty and difficulty than you previously were, your sense of self belief and self confidence will naturally tend to grow.


A lot of people experience anxiety disorders, in connection to the underlying belief that they aren't "good enough" and are at risk in ways that they can't defend against.


Becoming more self-sufficient isn't going to be a universal panacea for issues like this, but it might do a fair bit of good nonetheless.



It can be pretty fun


Everyone likes to have a bit of fun, right?


Well, constantly striving to make yourself more self-reliant and autonomous in your home, is kind of fun. On top of the fact that it helps to put you in a more secure position in life, it's also just a hobby that you can invest a lot of your time and energy in, and grow to enjoy.


There are homesteading groups you can join, different tools and technologies you can invest in, and a never-ending array of different skills you can learn.


At the very least – that gives you something to do on a weekend other than watch TV.


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April 15, 2019

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