Soothe Your Soul At The Weekends With These Refreshing Ideas

April 10, 2019



Working all through the week is exhausting, and whether you sit at a desk all day, work for yourself from home or do something that is labour intensive, by the time Friday rolls around you are done and so ready for the weekend. The problem is that there is a little pressure to ensure you make the most of the time off. Going out, seeing friends and family and generally getting things organised before Monday pops up once more. So here are some great ideas that can help you relax and soothe your soul on the weekends. Mix these with everything else and by Sunday evening you will feel content.


Go on a camping trip


One of the best ways to enjoy the weekend is to just get away, and camping can be the ultimate way to do as it can be so flexible. You can pack up your car with everything you need, head on the road at a time that suits you and be ready to enjoy your break in a short period of time. Not only does it take you back to basics, but you can also be at one with nature and just enjoy the fresh air. It can be a great way to enjoy the weekend and have you feel refreshed for Monday.


Take up a new hobby


The weekends are often the perfect time to consider taking up a new hobby as you have the time to dedicate to it. This could be anything that you want. Firm favourites include things like fishing, where you could invest in a new standup paddle board to make it interesting. Or things like sports where you can use the time at the weekends to get some practice in. What is it you have fancied doing? If there is something you would like to try the weekend could be the ideal time to do it.


Go out for breakfast


During the week, the mornings can feel very rushed and often you don’t get time to indulge in breakfast in the way that you would like. So why not use the weekend as a chance to enjoy breakfast made by someone else? Heading out for breakfast can feel like a luxurious treat, and often doing this could be a great way to feel relaxed and refreshed. Plus you can indulge in some of your favourite breakfast options, smashed avocado anyone?


Head out on a hike


Sometimes it is good to be lazy on a weekend, but other times you just want to enjoy the fun and activity, and going hiking is a great way to spend the time. You could plan a trek, or simply just head out on a path. It can be a lot of fun, and as long as you are prepared with the right walking boots and drinks, you are good to go. Start off small and build up your stamina if this is your first time.


Read for an afternoon and indulge in some self-care


Finally a little self-care can go a long way, so whether that is reading a book for an afternoon or indulging in a warm bath, hot shower, or a slowed down skincare routine enjoy the self care time.


Let’s hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to your weekends.


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