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April 10, 2019




Is the outside of your house lacking in curb appeal? Does it reflect what’s on the inside? The outside of your house is a critical ingredient when someone is forming an opinion of your home. Just like a book cover or your appearance, it gives the all-crucial first impression. Everything from this point on will be tainted by these initial thoughts.


If you’re thinking of selling, then spicing up the outside of your property is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to boost the value of your home and help you achieve the desired result. If you’re not selling, then adding curb appeal makes your home a more pleasant place to return to, and makes a better impression to anyone visiting you at home.


Below are a few ideas and tips to help you get started on turning your frontage into one that is noticed for all the right reasons.


Clever colors attract attention


If everything on the front of your house matches, no particular features will stand out. A plain color scheme ensures everything just blends. Use a bold and contrasting color on just your front door to add some wow factor. A contrasting color doesn’t have to clash with the rest of your frontage. Choosing your color wisely means it will enhance the front of your home. Use color swatches or a free Front Door Paint app to play around with different color choices.


Surrounding features should be in white to help maximize the impact of your chosen color. If your front door requires far more attention than a simple coat of paint, then consider a quality replacement, such as those found at Alternatively, you can also use any flowerbeds, planters, or hanging baskets to compliment your color scheme. Adding greenery in the right places can accentuate key features, while the colors of the plants can bring some consistency and gel the color scheme together.


Pay attention to the details


Whether it’s your house number or years of grime on your driveway, failing to tidy up your exterior can counteract all of your hard work, much as a messy interior can ruin the effect of your decor. Change any exterior brass or chrome that is starting to show signs of wear, including door furniture. Jet wash any areas that look like they’ve seen better days. Even if you don’t already own a jet wash, hiring one is inexpensive and very satisfying to use.


Tidy up any bushes or hedges that have grown out of control. Reseed any bare patches of your lawn and keep it trimmed and the edges tidy. Clean the inside and outside of your gutters. None of these tasks will cost much money, but they do all require a little elbow grease. Dedicate some time to your exterior and you’ll be amazed at the results a little work can achieve. Other details include cleaning away any cobwebs and hiding any electrical features that are currently exposed.


Budget for the bigger jobs


Your budget can be restrictive when it comes to the bigger tasks, but if you can afford it, they really are worth the cost. Replacing an irreparable garage door, which you can find out how to do at, or old and draughty windows won’t just transform the look of your home but will benefit the inside too. Some homes can get away with just cleaning up a garage door or repainting it, but if it doesn’t function properly or sits lopsided, it will act as a negative visual feature.


Installing new windows will help to make your home more energy efficient, look better, and increase the value. However, to maximize your investment make sure you only use a reputable installer and the best quality materials.


Let there be light


Lighting can be the defining feature in low light conditions. Modern lamps can also add a bit of style to your exterior in daylight. Replace any old lamps with something a little brighter and more fun. Consider having one either side of your front door to add a pleasing symmetry to your entrance.


Use small lamps to light the way along your path; ensuring your house is always welcoming. A well-placed lamp can be used as an uplighter for a tree or to highlight a plant or bush in lower light conditions.


Make it homely


Too much outdoor furniture can look cluttered and messy. However, a stylish and well-placed piece of outdoor furniture will enhance your exterior. Select items that are relative to the size of your garden. Small stalls are perfect for a small garden; whereas a classy table with two matching chairs might be the perfect choice for a slightly larger garden.


When well planned, you can make significant strides in increasing your curb appeal in a single weekend, just make sure you have a nice bottle of wine or a few beers so you can sit back and enjoy it once the work is done.


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April 15, 2019

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