The Essential Guide To Creating Your Dream Home

March 27, 2019



It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to purchase a fixer upper, or whether you are keen to redecorate and remodel the pad you have now, there are always improvements that you can make to a property to create your dream home. Even if you haven’t purchased the bricks and mortar yet, you can always have plans for your home. The most important aspect of your humble abode should be making sure that it is fit for purpose. It needs to facilitate your lifestyle, be a haven for your brood, and be a sanctuary that you can retreat to no matter how stressful your day has been at work.Homes are places where we make memories and can be dwellings where we spend much of our lives growing, sharing and being. To create your dream home, you need to know the basics. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want outside space? Is there an architectural style that you adore? Once you have answered these sorts of questions, you can begin hunting for your dream property. So where do you begin?




Before you do anything, you need to work out the area in which you want to live. You could have the most incredible home in the world but if it is situated in a crime ridden area with no transport links, you aren’t going to enjoy living there. Instead, think about what you want out of a place. If you enjoy being in the hustle and bustle, adore cafe culture and need good transport links, then a city centre location might be for you. If the thought of traffic, noise and business send you into a panic, a gentler pace of life in the suburbs might be more your thing. Always opt for an area that is established and never succumb to the ‘up and coming’ hype. The chances are the same place has been up and coming for twenty years. 


As well as location, think about the style of home you’re after. Some people adore the grandeur of Georgian homes. Others can’t dream of anything else but a red brick facade. And others wouldn’t want anything other than a slick modern new build. Whatever it is that you like, make this the foundation of your property shopping. When you have found a pad you like the look of, go over it with a fine tooth comb. You may want the place, but do you have the budget to do it up and make it exactly as you want it? If you do, then set the wheels in motion and put in an offer. 




Before you do anything with your recently purchased property, you need to get a structural engineer over to check the integrity of the home. If there is any damp, repointing that needs doing or holes in the roof, these need to be rectified immediately. You cannot begin work on a property that is not structurally sound. Damp requires minimal fixing usually as it tends to be moisture, rising damp or poor window seals that are the root of the problem, and can be easily rectified. 


Repoint the brickwork as necessary and consider the facade you want for your pad. Imagine yourself as a passerby and consider the sorts of looks that might turn heads for all the right reasons. You want to create curb appeal so it’s vital that you can get this right. Perhaps you fancy a white render, a classy cedar wood panel, or a simple clean of the brickwork. Paint the front door, put up some hanging baskets, mow the lawn and weed the driveway. Before you know it your home will be of a showhome standard ready for you to emulate the same on the inside.




Back Garden 


Don’t neglect the importance of your outside space. Gardens can be extensions to our homes and can be alternative living spaces. You might choose to use yours to watch the kids play, to enjoy a spot of al fresco dining or to relax in with your hammock as the water feature trickles beside you. 


For your patio space, ensure that you consider the benefits of an awning or covering with an opening roof. This way, you can enjoy eating outside whatever the weather. Being outdoors can enrich the soul and make you feel healthier and happier. It makes sense to make this part of your dream home.


If you are a keen gardener, you might want to allocate some of your land to plants, shrubbery and flowers. Structural plants can make for striking designs, or maybe an English country garden style is more your thing. If the horticulture that you’re into is more food based, why not set up a mini allotment? Even the smallest gardens can have a veggie trough installed allowing you to sow carrots, potatoes and onions ready to be used in your culinary delights! You might even want to build a greenhouse to grow some juicy tomatoes and cucumbers. 




When it comes to the interior of your home, you will need to consider the room layout. If you have purchased a fixer upper, you may be lucky enough to have nothing more than a shell of a home and a blank canvas from which to work. This means that you can put up walls wherever you like, install kitchens and bathrooms wherever you want and enjoy creating a brand new living space. If properties are already established with a set layout, changing it can be tricky. The water pipes may be in a certain place, the electrical wiring may need re-routing, and it might not be possible to get that downstairs toilet exactly where you wanted it. You need to be flexible and adapt your wants and needs as you plan the layout of your dream home. 


If you can achieve it, a large and open plan kitchen diner can be the perfect space for families wanting to spend a lot of time together. Whereas the living room used to be the hub of the home, the kitchen is quickly taking over. This can be the area where you cook as the kids do their homework, where you enjoy chatting with friends over coffee and where you host your monthly dinner parties. 


The style that you choose for your kitchen can range from the budget friendly to the budget busting. If you don’t have deep pockets consider creating the opulent look by using some nifty little techniques. Go into showrooms and enquire about any ex-display models that they may have on offer. You might be able to pick up a granite quartz top and oak units for less than half price, and the same goes for integrated appliances too. Think about the style you’re after and stick to it. You might be after that cosy shaker style cream kitchen look. Or maybe you want the opposite and yearn for a high gloss grey set of units with soft close drawers, stainless steel splashbacks and slate flooring. Whatever it is that you are after, make sure that you don’t blow your budget so that you can focus on other areas of your home. 




Your dream home should have all the space that you need and maybe a little more. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in your own home, so make sure that you go on a decluttering mission before you even start furnishing your new humble abode. Consider nifty storage solutions such as ottoman footstools, tall bookcases and multipurpose furniture. By ensuring that your home is free from junk and clutter, you will feel happier in your environment. If you don’t want to sell your unwanted items just yet, store them in a loft, cellar or garage for now. 


If you feel like the pad is a little tight for space, think about extending. Adding square footage is not just a great way to add value to a home, but it can also give your dwelling a new lease of life. If you extend upwards into the loft, you might want to create a new master bedroom and en suite. If you venture outwards into the back garden, that larger dining room or TV room can become a reality.


Living Spaces 


Your living room and bedrooms should be cosy and inviting spaces where you want to spend a lot of time. The bedrooms should be relaxing, calming and conducive to restful sleep. When your head hits the pillow every night, you don’t want to be confronted with shocking purple walls, white strobe lighting and single glazed windows letting in all sorts of draughts and noise. Opt for a more neutral paint palette, go for dimmable lighting and concentrate on the bed. Your bed needs the perfect mattress for you, you need a range of textures and soft furnishings for your bed, and you should always be able to control the amount of natural light you let into your room with blackout curtains.


Your living room should be a place where the whole family can sit and relax. This might be the space where you play a board game, watch TV, celebrate Christmas, have a movie night, or simply chat. A focal point like a fireplace does wonders to give your room a feature and help you create the warmth you want. A log burning stove generates vast amounts of heat meaning you don’t have to worry too much about your heating bills, and your feet can get toasty warm as you watch the box with a hot chocolate. 


Your dream home should be conducive to the lifestyle of your family. This is the bricks and mortar that will see your brood grow up and make memories. Consider what it is you want out of your dwelling and create your dream home by following this guide.


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