Pet-friendly Decor Ideas

November 30, 2018



Pets, especially cats and dogs, very quickly become part of the family. It is said that almost 50% of homes in the US have a cat or dog, and this makes caring for them big business.  They can make a lot of extra work if your home is not pet-friendly though, and as much as you love your fur baby would you like looking after them to be simpler? The more per-friendly you home is, the less disruption they will cause, and they are ways you can make it so.

Fur Resistance Furniture

There are some fabrics that fur clings to and others that resist it. Materials such as velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour, and chenille will act as a magnet for fur. Opt instead for smoother fabrics such as leather, smooth tapestries, and synthetic fibers.

You also need to make sure the material is strong enough to withstand sharp claws.




There are bound to be wet muddy days where your pet runs in and leaves dirty paw marks, so choosing decor that is easy to clean is a must. With this in mind, it might seem that hardwood or laminate floors are the best options, but there are carpets specially designed to be pet-friendly.

Different manufacturers have made progress in this area and can find more of their explanation of what they have achieved online. If you do decide to opt for hard floors, choose laminate, stone or ceramic, as these have the added bonus of being cool for your pet to lie on in the summer.


Don’t let your whole house be for play. Designate a play zone, and they will very quickly learn that is where their toys will be and where you will play with them. They do need space to be able to run around, chase a ball and roll around but there are areas of your home where this should not happen.

Food Bowls

Only bring food bowls out when they are going to be used.  Part of having a pet-friendly home is the ease of keeping it clean and tidy. Food bowls sitting around do not help towards this aim, so keep them out of sight when they are not in use.




Pet Beds

It is crucial that your pet has somewhere that they know is their very own. A comfy pet bed is the answer, but when they go and lie in it, messing with them should be avoided. Sometimes, particularly if there are little children in the house or visiting, they need to find a sanctuary of peace and quiet. There should always be a rule that if they are in their bed, everyone leaves them be.

Window Space

Cats and dogs are basically nosey. They like to see what is going on outside and to look for their owners coming home. Leave a space on the windowsill that they can get to easily without causing any damage, and avoid flimsy curtains that their claws could get stuck in.

Having a pet in your home can be a great addition to the family, and many pet owners would not be without their fur babies. You just need to make it as simple as possible for them to take their place in the household.

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