How to Make Shopping Feel Good

January 19, 2019



There is always an excuse to go shopping, and doing so should make you feel good. Whether you’re buying a top for the weekend or some new technology to fiddle with, you should be happy when you get that purchase home. Making sure the goods you have bought suit your needs isn’t always about whether or not they serve your purpose’ it might come down to their cost or who you bought it from. With that in mind, here are some of the options available to improve your shopping experience.


Personal Shopper


The rise of technology has made way for all sorts of ideas to come through on the internet: some good and some bad. One that can fall into the former camp is the idea of an online personal shopper, someone who has a dedicated mission to seek and find products that meet your personal preferences. They will scour the web looking for all manner of things based on the criteria you give them, some at a very low price. Websites like Thread exist to go shopping for you so that all you have to worry about is the fun bit, choosing and buying the clothes. There is no need anymore for you to go out looking on every shelf or through catalogs, they will do the hard work for you.

That sounds like shopping for the modern person.




If you don’t like a bargain then you don’t like shopping. No matter how big or small your saving is, it feels great to know you’ve got a deal. Finding them should be easier than ever these days thanks to, once again, the internet. The rise of comparison websites means that you should never overpay for televisions, kitchen equipment, cars or pretty much anything. And the introduction of sites dedicated to seeking and providing shoppers with discount codes, sale notifications and coupons has meant that people everywhere are seemingly able to get goods at lower prices than ever before.


Your options for finding a bargain are greater now than they once were so get out there shoppers and make the most of the good times.




So, we’ve talked about what your shopping can do for you. But what about others? There have always been charity shops, but they don’t necessarily appeal to everyone. However, there are new ways of shopping that allow you to donate from your basket directly to a chosen charity without paying out more for your shop. In effect, this is a way of holding companies that are taking our hard-earned money to account. You can say to them, if you want my business then you should be doing good for the community. This option is available across the web, such as the Amazon Smile program and it is even creeping into the high street as well.


So, nowadays not only does your shop make you feel good because of what you have managed to buy and save. But also you are doing good as well.



Image above, all items available at NET-A-PORTER

Clockwise from top left: Bag Valextra; necklace Jennifer Meyer; coat Max Mara; gloves Agnelle; blazer Ganni; earrings Anita Ko; boots Jimmy Choo; bag Alaïa; blouse Bottega Veneta; watch Cartier; jeans MiH Jeans; loafers Gucci; candle Diptyque; sunglasses Fendi; scarf Johnstons of Elgin


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