Essential Eco Friendly Home Decor Tactics

November 23, 2018



Its natural to want to decorate our home in a pleasing and stylish way, but what we don't always realize is the impact this is having on the environment. Sadly, many of the habits we get into when it comes to home decor can be contributing to the strain on the planet. Luckily, there are actions we can take to counter this. Read on to find out what they are.


Upcycle and buy preloved


There is definitely a trend at the moment for decorating for each season, and of course, it looks great. However, the problem is that many people buy cheap throwaway items to do this, and this plays right into Disposable Culture. Something that is definitely not eco-friendly!


That is why when decorating icing for the season we should be looking to upcycle or buy vintage instead. Therefore look out for preloved decorations that you are stopping ending up in landfill, or use things around the home to create your new ones, instead of buying items that will be disposed of after a few weeks.




Swap out plastic items


Plastic is becoming a massive problem for the environment. This is because it takes ages to degrade, and pollutes as it does. It's also a product that uses fossil fuel both in its ingredients and manufacturing process, making it a very unsustainable choice for homewares.


To that, end it's crucial to swap out plastic items for non plastic ones. Although, immediately throwing all plastic away is a bad idea, because it's better to keep using it until it is no longer functional.


Happily, there are now many household items like the ones you can read about at Unhumid that are being made from materials like glass instead. Something that means less energy is being used in their creation, and less pollution will occur when they outlive their usefulness.


LED lighting


Lighting is an essential part of any effective home decor.  Unfortunately, the electricity used to power our lights still primarily come from the burning of fossil fuels. Something that not only contributes to global warming but also can destroy the habitats where it's being mined as well.


That is why it's crucial to ensure you are using energy saving LED light bulbs that need much less power for the same brightness of beam. Then, you can light your home in the way you choose, without having to worry about the ecological damage it's doing to the environment.


Watch out for VOCs


Lastly, even the laziest homemaker will occasionally update their space with a quick lick of paint. Sadly, this too can hurt the environment, because many paints contain VOC's or volatile organic compounds. These VOC's leach out and pollute the environment, and are not so great for your family's health either!


Therefore, next time you need to repaint a room in your home, go for an eco-friendly product like these Instead. Something that will allow you to achieve a beautiful look, without having to endanger the environment in the process.


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