Stylish And Sustainable Home Decor: 3 Strategies That Work

November 16, 2018







Our Earth’s resources are not infinite, and that means is every time we purchase an unsustainably made item for our home, we are using up a piece of the very planet that supports us. Something that if taken to its logical conclusion is going to be bad for everyone! Happily, we don't have to let things get this far, and that is why it's crucial to choose some of the more sustainable options for our home decor that are described below.  



Sustainable interiors can look gorgeous and be eco friendly.


Use sustainable materials


Sustainable materials are ones that we can harvest that aren't in danger of running out and that don't require excess energy consumption to collect and process.


For example, you could pick a table made from tropical wood to sit in your lounge, However, as this wood is sourced from established rainforests that are being destroyed, this will cause great harm. Even eliminating the habitat of countless animal and plant species, and even some isolated human tribes. All for a coffee table!


Happily, there are much more sustainable alternatives such as the pieces made from beech, or pine which are grown in plantations where three trees are planted for every single one felled. Something that means furniture produced from this wood like these super chic and stylish pieces will have a significantly reduced impact on the environment.


No more plastic


You've probably heard in the media that plastic is bad for the planet, and you should stop buying new plastic items for your home. However, do you really know the reasoning behind this?


Well, it's because not only do plastics use oil from fossil fuels in the production process but once created it doesn't biodegrade either. This means plastic items hang around for a very long time and pollute the environment. In fact, they cause all sort of problems with the ecosystem, because the volatile organic compounds contained within them leach out.


That is why it's vital to not buy any new plastic items for your home. Instead, when something no longer is useful swap it out for an object that doesn't contain plastic at all.


Something that you can safely, and in a stylish way with the recommendations Unhumid make for chic glass kettles instead of plastic electric ones. Just think how gorgeous a clear glass pot will look on your stove as well?


Integrate plants into your home environment


Finally, if you haven't been hiding under a rock for the last year, you will know that adding a swathe of green plants into your home decor is tres trendy at the moment. The great thing about this is that is a much more sustainable way of decorating your home as well. In fact, plants are great for us humans because they humidify the atmosphere, suck up all the C02, and produce more oxygen for us to breath.


They are also a much more sustainable form of decoration because they don't require any use of fossil fuels, and can be degraded when we no longer have a use for them. Something that means they don't produce any harmful waste, and in fact, the nutrients they release as they break down can be used to grow new plants. You can't get any more suitable than that!


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