From Geek To Chic: Stylish Tech For The Home

February 27, 2019

 Digital Art Frame


People used to think that style and technology didn’t go hand in hand. But over the years, innovative companies, especially Apple, proved the naysayers wrong and actually showed that you could go from geek to chic. Today’s technology products are masterpieces of both style and technology, allowing aesthetically-minded homeowners to incorporate them in a way many never thought possible.


Here are some of the most stylish tech items you can put in your home.


Digital Art Frames


Digital technology is, in many ways, the wonder of the modern world according to And nowhere is that truer than in the concept of a digital art frame. Rather than displaying a single picture forever on your wall, these frames, retailing for around $400 provide a stylish backdrop to whatever artwork you want to view. You can program them to display a single piece or get them to cycle through different paintings depending on the day. In short, digital art frames mean that you’ll never be bored and will always have something fresh and exciting to look at.


Minimalist Security


Camera technology is shrinking all the time. Cameras can now be made so small that they would fit on the end of a pencil. That’s opened up a whole new world of minimalist security products that add a touch of style to your home but also stay out of sight. Tiny cameras can keep watch over your back door, and send alerts to your phone if they detect any suspicious activity. describes the type of internet connection you’ll need to keep all your devices online.


Smart Growers


A staple of good interior design is to include greenery whenever possible. It helps bring the outdoors inside and is especially therapeutic for city dwellers who don’t have much access to nature. But there’s a problem, maintaining indoor plants is a hassle. Can technology provide a solution?


Enter the Click and Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden. Not only does the product take a lot of the hassle out of growing herbs, but it also looks good. Built in beautiful white, the Click and Grow would suit modern kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Just fill it with water, and the planter will do the rest for you, keeping your herbs alive during long holiday breaks.


True Climate Control In Vintage Style


HVAC units are notoriously loud, clumsy and ugly. You never see them in manicured interior design magazine shoots and for obvious reasons. Most people put up with HVAC because it is so useful in the summer and winter. But they’d like to have something that was not only functional but beautiful too.


The Awair Smart air quality monitor give you data on temperature, pollution, humidity and so on, but it also does it all in a classic, vintage package. Although it’s packed with technology, it wouldn’t look out of place on the mantelpiece in a 1930s home. Made of varnished wood, the elegant box is reminiscent of old radio sets popular before the outbreak of World War Two.


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