Balancing Support And Alone Time After An Accident

October 13, 2018




When you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s your entire life that is thrown off balance. One moment, you had a clear schedule that consisted of work, kids and household maintenance, and the next you find yourself unable to stick to it anymore.

You only know your true friends when you go through a hard time, but when you’ve been in an accident, the meaning of support shifts. Of course, you need people who love you and want the best for you around. But you’ll soon come across a different kind of need you may not have experienced before. You need some essential and limited me time to help your body and mind to heal. With an injury, it’s not only the body that needs to rest; the mind is affected too because it can’t recognize the body anymore. Achieving the right balance between being surrounded by the professional support  you need and having some time alone is tricky.


Everyone wants to support, but you need professional help

The people who love you are quick to respond to your injury. You’ll soon find your parents and close relatives ringing the doorbell, offering to clean the house or cook dinner while you rest. Neighbors can even offer their help. And you’ll soon realize that everyone has suggestions and recommendations on what you should do to help with your recovery. Smile and accept their kindness. However, remember that their help doesn’t replace professional assistance to get your life back on track.  You need legal assistance to secure compensation – you can learn about this lawyer firm here to find out how they deal with personal injuries. You also need medical support to encourage healing.


It takes time to accept the new you

Your body is not the same. Even if your injury is not serious, you can feel the limitations. Consequently, it’s important to find time in your schedule away from the kids and your family while you learn to maneuver your new body. You can ask your relatives to look after the kids for a day, or friends to invite the kids for a sleepover. You need to become comfortable with your injury so that your mind can focus on the healing process.


The risk of too much me time

Beware, however, too much time on your own can be damaging. People who have suffered from sudden injuries as a result of a traumatic accident – from a car crash, for instance –, it’s not uncommon to experience PTSD issues. Your memory of the accident can affect your life dramatically. But it’s essential for you to seek emotional support if you continue to feel distressed long after the accident. Spending too much time alone can lead to increased mental health issues after a trauma.


You need support after an accident, both legal and medical. But your mental health also requires the right balance of me time and emotional assistance. You can’t cope on your own, but you need to accept the situation on your own before you can get help.  


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