Why Hotels Are Worth Their Money

October 4, 2018




When you’re planning a trip away, one of the first things that springs to mind is what kind of accommodation you should book up. With the option of apartments, villas, house sharing, tents, vans and hotels, it’s hard to know which one to choose! While all of these types of accommodation are great, today we’re going to be looking at hotels and why we think they are totally worth their money!


Cheaper than most other choices

One of the biggest perks of staying in a hotel, is that it’s cheaper than most other choices for accommodation. While sleeping in a tent or your van might be completely free, you will often have to pay for a plot for the night. Why pay for a space for your vehicle when you can have a comfortable room for the night?


Room service is a bonus that no one can pass up on

There’s something about room service that makes you feel like royalty. The luxury of having something delivered to your room is enough to get anyone excited. Perfect for those days where you really don’t want to do anything!


Staff cater to you

All hotels have one thing in common, is that the staff cater to your every need. Much alike room service, if you need anything to make your stay more comfortable, staff members are always more than willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Especially for instances such as food allergies or a request for fresh towels.




You don’t have to cook

While you might enjoy cooking, there is something luxuriously incredible about the thought of not having to cook. Hotels don’t offer facilities in their room for their guests to cook meals, which means that you either eat in the hotel, or head out to eat instead, meaning that your trip away is even more relaxing than it would have been if you were to choose any other form of accommodation!


Other facilities to take advantage of

Finally, hotels also offer other facilities for you to take advantage of, and most of the time, these extra facilities are included within the price of your room. Luxuries such as a gym, swimming pool, or even a bar are all great examples of what kinds of facilities some hotels offer.


So, while all other choices of accommodation are great in their own way, we think that hotels are totally worth their money because of all of these added bonuses!


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