7 Excuses To Go Shopping

October 17, 2018



Ah, shopping.

Of all the habits of the modern world, shopping is by far one of the most exciting. While it’s often used as a cliché to describe a purposeless activity that leads to spending money, the bad reputation of shopping is unfair. Of course, it can increase debts and money problems. But, very few people can manage to shop themselves into debts. More often than not, debts are the results of other financial decisions.

Besides, shopping is very rarely purposeless. In fact, you never go shopping without a purpose. There is always a trigger that can encourage you to spend an afternoon at the mall. However, it’s fair to say that shopping can’t always be explained rationally. Indeed, the trigger can be emotional or psychological. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take it seriously.

On the contrary, most people who choose to go shopping experience a rush of excitement and joy once their objective has been reached. It’s not a case of adrenaline rush that tends to be associated with thrilling activities with an ounce of danger. Shopping encourages the production of serotonin, which is also referred to as the happiness hormone. Indeed, the act of shopping makes you happy precisely because it allows you to achieve an objective.

If you are struggling to explain to your friends why you need to go shopping, here is a list of the 7 reasons that encourage people.






#1. You need a confidence boost

What does the girl in the mirror look like? If she seems tired, fed up, or even miserable, it’s time to wake up and leave the routine behind. Your confidence is the kind of invisible force that can keep you going when everything else collapses around you. It keeps you strong when you are under attack. The problem with being confident is that there is no magical pill for that. You can’t just wish yourself to have healthy self-esteem and watch it bloom. You need to make yourself believe that you’re worth the effort. Wearing clothes that work for your figure and skin tone and that flatter your silhouette can boost your confidence. When everything you wear is gray or beige, it’s easy to feel transparent. You need to dress the part to fall in love with yourself. Only then can you find in yourself the force that can keep you secure.


#2. Find discounts and offers

Clothes don’t last forever; even the best items will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. That’s precisely why everyone needs to do some shopping from time to time, at least to replace the items of clothing that are too damaged to wear any longer. More often than not, when you know that you have to replace some elements of your wardrobe, you tend to postpone your shopping day. Indeed, shopping doesn’t come for free. But what if you could use discounts and special offers to make the most of your shopping without breaking the bank? If you are looking for exciting options,  you can discover more about coupons to share and use online here. But in the end, the best reason to decide to go shopping now is that you’ve found a solution to keep it cheap.



#3. You’ve had a bad day

After a stressful day at work, you’ve decided to ditch the gym and are heading to the mall instead. Shopping delivers, after all, a healthy dose of serotonin to your life! Indeed, it can act as a stress coping mechanism, as it encourages you to make a promise to yourself about a better future – a future where you’ll be wearing that cute little ensemble you’ve just bought, for instance. Admittedly, you have to be careful not to rely on shopping as a sole source of happiness. But from time to time, the idea to give yourself something nice can make you feel better. And who needs a better excuse to shop?


#4. You’ve had a good day

What’s a good day, you ask? It’s a day when you want to give yourself a high five, either for your achievements or just because a happy event took place. Retailers who remember your birthday tend to experience an increase in sales around your big day. Indeed, when you’re in the mood to make yourself a present, there’s nothing that can beat a birthday discount — it’s like you had the blessing from your favorite shop to buy something special.




#5. You’re invited to a big event

So your best friend is getting married? While you might be over the mood for her, you can also experience discomfort. What are you supposed to wear for the occasion? Nobody wants to make a bad figure at a wedding reception, but at the same time, you don’t want to outshine the bride. While there are some simple rules – women tend to wear a dress, but it can’t be white – you might need some inspiration to find something suitable. First of all, you might want to clarify the dress code with the bride to be. A cute cocktail dress can work anywhere, for instance. So how about checking the latest cocktail outfit trends?


#6. You want to make a positive first impression

If you’ve got an important meeting – such as a job interview – or your anniversary coming, you might want to wear something special to bring yourself luck. You don’t have the break the bank to find the perfect outfit. What matters is to pick something that makes you feel empowered and beautiful. You want the other person to feel the warmth of your irresistible appeal!


#7. Your figure has changed

If you’ve just been through a weight loss journey, it’s important to acknowledge that your body has changed by buying clothes that fit. Similarly, if you’ve put on weight recently, you should update your wardrobe with items in which you can feel comfortable. You have to dress for your figure if you want to feel good in your skin – and even if you’re not through your fitness program yet!


The bottom line is that shopping is never purposeless. People go shopping for many reasons, whether because they’ve found a discounted offer to buy what they need at a better price or because they need to impress their partner. You never shop by mistake — you follow a trigger!


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