Who Says You Can't Compartmentalize Your Life? The Secret Of Three-Tier Packing

January 19, 2019




Packing your bags for vacation is never easy. Most of us get our suitcases down from the attic and wonder where the hell to start. After all, there’s a fair amount of pressure on getting this right. You could even go as far as to say your trip depends on it.

The good news is, we have a pretty simple method for making this process easier. All you need to make it work is a case with at least three compartments. Then, rather than wondering where to start, you’ll be able to follow this simple three-step packing process.


The front compartment

The chances are your bag will come complete with a front compartment. It’s difficult to imagine anywhere better for storing your makeup collection. After all, sticking this in with your clothes would be a fast way to cover everything you own in foundation. But, by sticking this in your front compartment, you remove the risk of spillages. Bear in mind that the only negative thing about this plan is the increased risk of exposure. Front pockets are often protruding, and so at higher risk of damage. But, by steering clear of glass and wrapping your makeup bag in a carrier, that shouldn’t matter. Of course, makeup isn’t your only option here. This is also ideal for things like e-cigs, which again come with the risk of leaks and malfunctions. Bear in mind that you would need to consider proper packing instructions like those given by Mt Baker Vapor to avoid risk of fire here. But, by removing things like your battery, there’s no reason this can’t be the ideal front flap addition.




The body of your bag

The body of your bag is the largest compartment, so this is by far the best bet for packing your wardrobe. By only utilizing this space for your clothes, you can ensure that you have plenty of variety to help you keep up with any fashion trends while you’re away. Dedicating so much space to this cause also ensures you can pack an outfit for every eventuality. That in itself could see you gaining maximum enjoyment from your time away. Make sure, then, that you focus plenty of time and effort on this part of the packing process. Many would argue that it’s the most crucial step of all.





The back compartment

Few bags have large back compartments, but many do have small zipped flaps for essentials. Your best bet here, then, would be to keep things you know you’ll need on arrival. As such, your packing here should include things like the lipstick you’ll be wearing, and any printed tickets you’ll need to reach your hotel. While you want to avoid leaving valuables in your case, it may also be worth keeping a purse here. A small amount of cash will ensure you have money to hand for a drink or taxi from the airport.

Just like that, you’ll start to see this packing process isn’t such hard work after all.


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