Useful Hacks For Seeing New York On A Budget

September 7, 2018


New York is one of those cities that everyone should see once in their lives. It’s a place that is on every travel lover’s bucket list, and it’s easy to see why. The ‘Big Apple’ is one of the world’s most incredible cities and is the home of many movies and TV shows, from Sex and The City to Gossip Girl. It really is somewhere that you have to see to believe.


While New York is an incredible city, the issue is that a trip here can be extremely expensive. It’s not somewhere that it’s cheap to visit, or at least, it can easily not be. Like all famous cities, New York can be extremely pricey, which is all well and good if you don’t have a budget to stick to, but if you’re on a budget this can make planning a trip here even more stressful.

The good news is, however, that you can see New York on a budget, it’s just a case of knowing the best hacks for making your trip more affordable.




Book budget-friendly accommodation


You will find that the further out of the city your accommodation is located, the cheaper it will be. While some people choose to book a hotel in the heart of the city, others choose a hotel in Schenectady, New York, which is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and comes with a far lower price tag. Yes, you would need to commute in each day but it could be worth it, if your hotel is significantly cheaper.




See the Statue of Liberty for free


A boat tour that goes past this iconic statue usually comes in at around $25 but there’s a hack for cheating the system. Instead of booking a dedicated tour, hop on the free Staten Island Ferry, and you can cruise past the Statue of Liberty for free.





Head to the museums


New York is packed full of museums, you can even see Andy Warhol's work here, and best of all, you can do so for free. Many of New York’s museums are always free or are free on certain days of the week, including the Museum of Modern Art. Take to Google and research all of the best free museums in New York.


Watch free concerts, festivals and plays


All over the city, there are always free concerts, festivals and plays that you can watch. It’s just a case of taking the time to find where they are located. A quick internet search should tell you where all of the best free concerts, festivals and plays are located the week that you are planning in visiting.




Walk around Central Park


One of New York’s most iconic locations, Central Park is free to visit and walk around, so this is one sight that is a must-see while you’re in the city. You could go for a stroll, go for a bike ride, or if the weather is warm enough, have a picnic.


Go on a free walking tour


There are a range of free New York walking tours that you can book yourself onto, if you are smart and book early. If you want to have a guided tour of the city without having to spend upwards of $30, then a free walking tour is a must.


These are just a few of the simple ways that you can make seeing New York on a budget more affordable - there are plenty of other ways that you can do so. When it comes to cutting costs on travel in a certain area, Google is your best friend.


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