Utilizing A Room That Your Child Has Vacated

August 29, 2018



While it may not seem emotionally ideal, it is often an end goal to allow your children to leave your home, fly from the nest, and begin to setup their own life on their own terms. This is a healthy outcome, but it can be quite saddening to see happen. It means the end of an era, where your child stops becoming someone to take care of and someone to respect as an adult, helping in the small ways you can.


Focusing your attention back to your home space, you will often find yourself with a new room to utilize. This can be a wonderful new time, because now you can focus on your complete indulgence in decoration from the top to bottom of your home.


In order to establish this room in the way you most appreciate, consider these ideas:




A meditation room sounds like a great indulgence, but it can be an incredibly useful place to curate for this habit. Lining this room with artwork you appreciate, perhaps an place for incense, and to place comfortable mats on the floor can allow for a space in which you can practice the moves you’ve learned at your tantra yoga Thailand, or perhaps sit in silence and listen to the birds outside of the window. A separate room for this task also has the benefit of allowing you to curate your own soundscape in its four walls, perhaps soundproofing it from outside noise or to prevent bothering people with your comforting yet quite monotone meditation music.




A room for exercise can help you seperate that feeling of diligent physical work and your home life, which can help you stay on top of your health duties from day to day. This can also serve as a comforting place to correctly setup your equipment, such as a treadmill or even weight platforms. Remember though that weights, and hard physical activity should always take place on a ground floor, unless the structure of your flooring can absolutely handle heavy repeated pressure and weight falling. This room can prove to be your den of perfect stretching, of working without that tension often found in gyms, and to enjoy maximum convenience.




You can use this room for storage purposes. However, there will always be something more engaging you can enjoy in these spaces if you exercise a little creative thinking. Perhaps creative thinking IS the stimulus from which you decorate the room. Utilizing this space as a place for you to begin your painting ambitions, a quite place to write in a home office, or perhaps to soundproof and enjoy learning musical instruments could be one of your best decisions possible. Sometimes, a room we can dedicate to flexing our creative muscle and learning new skills can be all we need in order to sustain ourselves and feel comfortable in our abilities as we move onto the next chapter of our lives.


With these simple suggestions, you’re sure to use a room your child has vacated efficiently.


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