Remodeling? Here Are Six Reasons Your Basement Should Be Your Next Job

August 9, 2018




Nearly every home in the US is blessed with a basement in their home. For most people, it’s a very convenient storage area in a place away from the main house, with a good amount of space to store quite a bit. For others, the basement is an extension of the house as an additional bedroom, converted kitchen and even a place the teenagers in the home can hang out with their friends. A basement has a lot of potential, and if you have the bug for renovation it’s the place that should be the next one on your list.


Because of the fact that basements are often left as storage areas – they’re out of sight out of mind – people tend not to finish them off when they get started. There was once a time where basement finishing meant creating a temporary stud wall in the basement to keep the cluttered side while creating a tiny single bedroom as a spare room. Thankfully, we’ve moved on from that and are actually looking after the space under our homes now. A tiny single bedroom is a disservice to your basement, when you have the entire square footage of the house to play with! You can have a spare bedroom suite, instead of a drab single room, with a walk-in wet room attached to it. You could create a games room with billiard tables and old-fashioned video games. The world - well, the basement – is your oyster and you can be as creative as you like when it comes to décor. You could even use a company like to dig deeper with your basement and expand it further. Whatever you do, you need to make it your next project in the home. Here are six sensible reasons why.


You’re Done With Clutter 


When you have a smaller home or less storage closets than you’d like, you can find yourself tripping over the shoes in the hall or the boxes that you’ve been meaning to put up in the attic for weeks now. When you have a basement, you have a storage space. However, instead of using it as a dumping ground, why not convert it into a dressing room? You’ve seen those walk-in dressing rooms with the bathroom off to one side, right? Well, there’s not going to be any tripping over shoes if they have somewhere to live other than the hallway upstairs. This way, any time you need to chuck your shoes down after a night out with friends, you’ve got an entire room to think about. Also, how much fun would it be getting ready for an evening?!


You Need A Social Area


The lounge is a great place to have friends over when you want to have a movie night, but if you have a living room with enough space to seat four people, it’s hardly going to be party central, is it? You need a comfortable place to hang out with your friends without disturbing other house members, and without creating a huge mess in your living space upstairs. You can have a movie area with a couple of squashy sofas and a large screen TV with a popcorn machine. You could have a built-in bar under your home for social drinks with a dance floor. Whichever way you enjoy hanging out with your friends, you have the chance to replicate it in your basement.


You Want A Cinematic Experience


It doesn’t matter how often you go to the cinema, no one wants to get comfortable and then have to go home afterwards. Instead, turn the entire basement into your own private cinema, complete with reclining chairs and a vending machine with candy in it. You can use surround sound and a large TV as well as dark paint on the walls to create the proper movie experience for all.


You Need A Place To Run Your Business


When you finally start using your hobby as your side hustle but don’t have an office upstairs in the home, you can find yourself a whole new place to run your business in your basement. Obviously, you would require the right insurances and permissions to run your business from home anyway, but you could use soundproofing products to make your basement office a peaceful place away from the rest of the house.


You Don’t Want To Go Out To Workout


A gym membership can be costly, but if you save the cash, you could create your own home gym in the basement. A lot of people hate the idea of dragging themselves to the gym, which can be overpriced and overcrowded. Sharing equipment can also be a total drag, because who wants to stand around waiting to work out? With the right ideas, you can turn your basement into a home gym that is simple and cheap to run.


You Need A Good Guest Room


It’s nice to have family staying with you, but when you have no room for them in the house, how do you plan to keep them comfortable? Obviously, they could head to a hotel, but sometimes it’s far kinder and more convenient to transform a dank basement into the nicest guest suite that anyone has ever seen. A bedroom and bathroom combo can be a beautiful retreat when you have guests, and when you haven’t got guests or they only come sporadically, you could choose to rent out the space to a lodger. This can not only boost your income, but it means that you don’t have a basement going to waste when it could be being used.


It doesn’t really matter why you want to renovate, it’s just that your basement shouldn’t be an afterthought. It could be really nice to renovate the entire house, but you can go around all the rooms and then decide on just one more thing that you want to change in the kitchen. The basement matters, so get cracking on making plans that’ll upgrade your home perfectly.



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