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August 9, 2018




The UK is best known for the infamous city of London, which is where the majority of overseas visitors head toward, yet in doing so, they are missing out on the true beauty of this very green, natural and beautiful country perfect for glamping though the glamping sites in the UK don’t tend to be quite as glamorous as those in Utah.


The trend in the UK, right now, is more to venture out into the wild and experience wild camping, rather than glamping.  This is where one goes back to nature, and doesn’t set up camp on a campsite with the standard facilities - but in the middle of nowhere, where there are no manmade facilities and they have to rely on nature to provide for them.


In this spirit, some wonder if the wild camping craze is due to the likes of Bear Grylls, with people wanting to test out their natural survival skills, where they are having to learn about well water purification and fire building, for instance.


There are some incredible areas of natural beauty within the UK but it’s important to note the majority of places in England don’t allow you to wild camp, officially speaking, though many people do - whereas in Scotland you can pretty much camp anywhere for free and it’s perfectly legal.


Here are three destination ideas in England, Wales and Scotland:




These awe inspiring cliffs that wouldn’t look out of place on the dramatic Australian coastline can be found in Cornwall, at the South Western tip of England.  Bedruthan Steps, with its clear blue water, soft white sand, and dramatic clifftop is a great place to visit if you’re into surfing.


Located in a remote location between Newquay and Padstow, Bedruthan Steps is owned by the National Trust (meaning you can’t technically camp there for free) though there are plenty of quiet and rustic places nearby to set up your tent.


The top tip, here however, is that you bring a torch as the campsites really are basic and if you’re walking around at night you could very easily fall down the sheer cliff drop with a wrong turn whilst looking for somewhere to go to the toilet.




The Cairngorms National Park is home to an awe-inspiring mountain range.  You’ll need to take care if climbing and camping in this area however, particularly if the weather conditions are poor, which unfortunately they often are in Scotland due to the naturally wet climate - yet with good weather you’ll benefit from exceptional views.




The adventurous outdoor playground of the Brecon Beacon, in Wales is where a number of elite military forces, including the Gurkhas undertake their wilderness training.  This area is fantastic for mountain bikers and hikers; and it’s one of the most prolific places to watch stars in the UK.

If you wanted an exceptional experience of the night sky, you could head up onto Rhos Dirion for a summit sleep or set up camp alongside the river.

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