Tips to Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

August 8, 2018



One of the most popular design goals for the average homeowner is to find ways to blend their indoor and outdoor spaces. Ultimately, this allows a seamless transition between the two spaces. And during the colder months of the year, the sense that the outdoors is still there even when you are stuck indoors. So, let’s look closer at five of the ways that you can better blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces.


Make Your Deck on the Same Level


When you decide to install some decking or a patio into your garden, you may consider putting it right next to your home so that you are able to simply step out whenever you would like. And if you do take this option, you could make it the same level of the room from which you are stepping out. You could also look into getting a right sliding patio door for you. This way, there is a sense of blending the two spaces - and you could literally have one foot inside and one outside.


Increase Your Visibility


Install some floor to ceiling doors in your home and you help to ensure that as much natural light enters as possible. This way, you can choose whenever you would like to let the outside in. And if you install some long curtains or blinds as well, you could have your window open to get the sounds of the outdoors, while still keeping your drapes closed if you want an extra level of privacy.


Add the Finishing Touches to Your Garden


Blending your indoor and outdoor living spaces also goes the other way as well - meaning that there are plenty of ways that you can make your garden more like your living room. Dining sets, soft furnishings, blankets, pillows etc can all be added to make an outdoor living space. You could even consider investing in an outdoor kitchen so that you are able to have guests over all year round. Fire pits and garden fireplaces provide the finishing touches when the sun goes down and things start to get a bit chilly.


Match the Floors


Another way of creating some fluidity is by matching the materials of the floors inside with what you have outdoors. A natural material like wood is one of the best to choose if you are going to be stepping out onto decking.


Decorate with Outdoor Features


There are plenty of outdoor features which work nicely for decoration including house plants, rocks, sand, branches etc. Having fresh fruit ready to greet you when you get home also helps to give your living space a more natural feel. This is your time to get a little creative in bringing the outdoors in.


Blending your outdoor and indoor living spaces is something which can be done with a high level of investment or not much at all. Hopefully, these ideas have provided you with some inspiration of how you can do this.


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