Renovation Revelations: Take Your Kitchen Makeover to The Next Level

August 8, 2018




The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, because it’s so well used. Whether you’re just feeding yourself or feeding a whole family, we all need a space where we can prepare, cook and enjoy healthy meals. Eating at home saves money and gives you control of what’s going in your body, and with a functional kitchen, cooking isn’t a chore. The kitchen is also a great place to entertain and hang out, whether yours is combined with a dining room or you have an island there’s place to sit to do homework with kids or drink wine with your friends. Here are some ideas of how you can take your kitchen renovation to the next level



In many homes, particularly those that are older the kitchen tends to be smaller. This reflects the entertaining style of the the time- kitchens were once seen as almost a ‘backstage’ area where the host would cook. Emphasis would be placed on larger living or dining spaces to entertain. These days, large kitchens are in high demand, as well as being practical they reflect the more casual entertaining style of today. It’s not uncommon for dinner parties to involve guests in the kitchen while the host cooks, or even getting involved themselves. They’re just as happy sat at casual barstool on a kitchen island than around a formal dinner table. If you’re working with an inadequate space, your first step would be to make the kitchen larger. This could involve moving, or removing an internal wall or it could mean extending outwards. You could go with a glass extension to flood the room with light, or simply add glass sliding patio doors. As well as being functional they will let plenty of daylight in.


Choose the units

Your next step, once you know the size of the space you’re working with is to decide on the units. It’s very important to work with a kitchen designer here, they will be able to bring your vision to life and will let you know what works and doesn’t. They know about the ‘working triangle’ which creates the correct placement of the sink, hob and fridge to allow you to easily cook and work your way around the kitchen. They will also be able to recommend extras depending on your lifestyle. How about an integrated wine fridge or wine rack? A state of the art dishwasher or other built in appliances which will give your kitchen a much sleeker look overall?


Don’t scrimp on finishing touches

Finally, it’s often the finishing touches that really bring a kitchen renovation to life. A gorgeous sink, nice taps, towel radiators and other luxurious features take it from being nice to spectacular. Shop around to find the best deals, and check on sites like Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes, something as simple as replacing the handles on the cupboard doors is enough to completely liven up and transform the space.


Are you due a kitchen upgrade? What will you be doing to ensure it looks its absolute best?


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