The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit (And Why)

August 1, 2018



You want to go to the Caribbean and experience the sight, sounds, and smells. You want to laze on the beach while sipping cocktails and being waited on hand and foot. You want to spend two-week vacation time relaxing and doing nothing rather than stressing out and getting more stressed.


There’s a hitch: choosing the base. People say the Caribbean without understanding the scope. Well, there are more than 7,000 individual islands in the Caribbean Sea, 28 of them being nations. Wow, that’s a lot.


To help you pick a holiday destination, this post has put together four of the best. Here are the choices sponsored by




The Cayman Islands


Typically, a conversation about the Cayman Islands will start with a sentence or two about money laundering or fraud. Yes, their banking system isn’t as legitimate as you may find on mainland USA, but tax-free income doesn’t define them. What does are the legendary beaches and the views which look out over the sea. Seven Mile Beach is a particularly famous stretch of sand, and you can visit to find a place to stay. Apart from that, the weather is the most consistent without the threat of deadly storms, and the food is a twist of the Caribbean classics. Try the conch chowder.




Unlike some of the other islands on this list, this isn’t a famous resort. In fact, tourism is nowhere near the levels of the likes of Barbados and Jamaica. However, this is one reason to put it on the bucket list. There is nothing worse than going to an island to chill out and relax and not being able to do it because of tourists. In Guadeloupe, you’ll be pretty secluded. Not that there isn’t anything to do. There’s a dense jungle full of waterfalls, as well as lots of volcanic activity. Plus, it’s home to Great White Sharks for those with a death wish.






It’s the sights which draw people to the Caribbean, yet Grenada is different. Covered with spices, the smells are the first thing you notice. As soon as you hit a marketplace, the aroma of cinnamon and saffron and vanilla will hit your nose with a bang. And, the place is as beautiful as any other with amazing hiking trails and a rugged landscape. If that isn’t enough, this is one of the islands which speak English. For those who aren’t fluent in Spanish or French, this is a massive plus.




Cuba is often seen as separate as it seems more Central America than the Caribbean. However, it lies in the sea and it is an island, so it’s part of the family. The amazing thing about Cuba is the contrast to the rest of the region. Not only do they speak Spanish, but the locals eat different foods and have a different attitude. Of course, the history with the US is fascinating, especially in Havana. And, when it all gets too much, you can fly to Florida or jump on a boat and be there in a few hours.


Are there any which didn’t get a mention that you love?



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