Creating Space In A Small Home

August 1, 2018




When you buy your first home or you rent out your first place, you are not likely going to be living in a huge palace. Most of the time the first home we get as an adult is pokey, cozy and functional. To make the most out of the small space you have for a few years, here are some of the things you can do to create an illusion of space and light.


Go see through


The fun part about having your own home is the fact that you are able to pay around with different colors and patterns to make it feel like home. Decorating your Home is always amazing and it can make a big difference to how the space looks, and part of this includes all of the accessories that you will put on the walls and shelves, to create an illusion of a larger room, go for larger objects and also try to stick to see through object such as vases and candle holders. This can make a huge difference to the feeling of space in your living area.


Bigger windows


One project which could make the world of difference in your Home is to install larger windows around the house. You might not have a huge amount of space to work with, however adding larger windows such as First Place Windows can make a massive difference because it will flood your home with light. Light makes everything feel more spacious and you will notice a big difference in the space you seem to have.


Add mirrors


Mirrors are a magical thing for those of us who have small homes. They can be placed strategically around the house to give the illusion of a much larger space and this can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the home. You can use a mirror to reflect light from outside into the room and it will allow your time to feel never-ending.


Look up


If you want to make a design statement and have some real fun with your interior, you can think outside the box and wallpaper the ceiling. Yes, you read that right: and no, we aren’t barmy! Wallpapering the ceiling with a bold print or floral pattern can make you look up when you enter the room and in turn it will make the home feel bigger as a result. Whenever people come to the home they will look up rather than through and it will give the illusion of a larger home overall.


Add color

Color is a huge part of a home, and you can make a huge impact on the shaped with the colors you use. The best possible thing to do if you have a small space to work with is use a neutral color such as white or light grey, and then you can add bold colors with accessories. Think of bringing in a bold colored chair or sofa and you will notice a big difference in your home.

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