Staying Sane During A Long Home Renovation

July 25, 2018



Nothing knows how to make your soul-stir, your heart-flutter and your mind fizz like popping candy more than a home renovation project, especially when you’re at the beginning of the process and everything just seems kind of theoretical. It’s why you’re always so gung-ho with your ideas and answers and frequently say things like, “Oh, yeah, sure, we could knock these walls down, no problemo.”


But then reality sets in.


The people you hired to bring your dreams to life all go AWOL, your budget starts to slip away from manageable and into that territory labeled “Uh Oh” and, to make all of this worse, you have a girls night coming up and you can’t find any of your nice dresses and expensive shoes, which are hiding under one of the many piles of chipboard and paint pots.


The point is: home renovations have a way of wrecking your sanity, which is why you need to take a deep breath and make a plan - a plan of how you can stay relaxed and calm throughout the whole process.


So, without further ado, here are some amazing ways you can stay sane while creating your dream home:



1. Plan A Is Good, Plans B & C Are Better

Nothing in construction goes well. It’s as if Murphy’s Law plagued this industry from the get-go and never let go. So, even when you manage to keep optimism away and set what seem like perfectly attainable goals, you will probably find things have an infuriating way of bumping into an unexpected hurdle; one big enough to push your completion date back even further than you thought humanly possible. That’s why you need to have one or two backup plan(s).



2. The Art Of Dealing With Contractors

Believe it or not, not all contractors are dreamboats with great manners and an unrivaled ability to clean up after themselves. Nor are they all great at coming in on time or budget, which is why you need to possess the power of dealing with them and know what to do should you have any issues with contractor. Whatever the case, communication is absolutely key. It doesn’t matter if it is the contractor, electrician, plumbers or joiners, communication is key. First things first, all ways be nice. That’s a must. As is getting everything in writing, doubling their proposed timeframe, asking for them to keep everything clean and not leave your driveway looking like a pub’s ashtray. It’s the little things that make a massive difference.




3.  Do It All In Stages

When you’re about to head deep into a long and extensive renovation, you need to pop your realistic cap on and be smart about the order you do things. You need to think about how you pull everything together, especially if you are staying in the house as the work goes on. Ideally, you want to have your bedrooms and bathrooms finished first, which would allow you to have both a comfortable area to live in and a bathroom to go and relax in while the rest of your home undergoes its major transformation. Trust us: it will make everything so much easier and less stressful.


4. Set Yourself Something Small To Achieve

Every week, have a goal in mind, one that is super-achievable, that will help you see things progress and fill you with that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with a little success. It could be slapping up some pretty new house numbers, ordering something that you really want and need, painting the front door, patching up holes in a wall, sanding down a surface, pressure washing the patio - anything that will give you a sense of accomplishment without taking too long. It’s so important to see visible improvements take place before your very eyes - it’s what will keep you motivated.


5. Help the Contractor: Be Decisive

When a project shoots past the proposed deadline, we tend to blame everyone involved, from the tradespeople to the architects, to the interior designers you used. But each time you change your mind, don’t give a straight answer or hold off on key decisions, you need to accept you are also to blame as the process will take that much longer. So, if you want to keep things ticking along and have the project finished sooner to save your sanity, make sure you are decisive and clear with your communication. It will save you a major headache.


And there we have it: everything you need to stay sane and chilled through an insane and chaotic time.




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