4 Cities to Visit with Iconic Sporting Venues

July 24, 2018




If you have a passion for both sports and travel, why not combine the two by visiting a city in which there is an iconic sporting ground? There are cities all over the world in which sporting history has happened, and there is something very special about simply being there. And if you are traveling with someone who is not nearly so appreciative of sports, there is bound to be a range of other attractions which you can enjoy. So, let’s look closer at four cities that you can visit which also boast iconic sporting grounds.


Nou Camp, Barcelona


Barcelona emerged from relatively humble beginnings to become arguably the biggest football club in the world. And you can take a stadium tour of that iconic venue to see many of the trophies that they have won on display. When you are done with the stadium, there are more than enough tourist attractions to keep you entertained from the towering Gaudi masterpiece La Sagrada Familia to the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter. And you will certainly have to stop for some tapas and cervezas too!


Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia


The one golfing major which is hosted at the same venue year after year, Augusta is a place where all of the golfing legends throughout history have played. If you are planning a trip over here, check out this hotel in Augusta, Georgia. After you have seen the course, you can take in the pleasant riverside city of Augusta, which has an increasingly modern feel while still not deserting its rich southern roots at the same time.


Wembley Stadium, London


Sure, Wembley Stadium has been recently rebuilt into the grand and imposing structure that it is today, but there is no doubt that it is an iconic venue which is teeming with history. It is still the go-to place for many sporting contests from soccer to American football. Hop on the tube and you will whisk your way into central London where sights such as the Houses of Parliament, London Eye and Big Ben will be waiting for you. The city is a metropolitan melting pot of cultures which you could spend weeks exploring properly. And it is also home to other iconic sporting venues such as Lord’s cricket ground.


Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town


Even if you are not particularly interested in cricket, you can’t fail to be amazed by the stunning location of Cape Town’s Newlands Cricket Ground. Just a single glance over the playing field will reveal Table Mountain and the surrounding peaks. Not many sporting grounds can say that they back onto one of the most iconic natural wonders on the planet! And this city is both naturally beautiful and culturally fascinating, so it is well worth a visit regardless.


All four of these cities are worth putting on your bucket list - particularly if you are a big sporting enthusiast where you will feel right at home!


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