7 Hidden Bacteria Breeding Grounds In Your Home

July 19, 2018



Many of us know the obvious places in our home that need cleaning, but what about those hidden bacteria breeding grounds that we all miss? Here are 7 common spots for germs and how you can keep them clean.


Your mattress


Mattresses attract all kinds of filth from dust mites to fungal spores. They can also become breeding grounds for bacteria. Using a mattress protector can help to prevent germs from permeating your mattress. Another option is to use a waterbed. The likes of these unbeatable Sterling waterbeds can be easily wiped to keep them clean. It’s much easier than cleaning mattress, which can often involve professional intervention.


Your hairbrush


Hairbrushes that aren’t cleaned on a weekly basis can also become bacteria breeding grounds. In fact, the average uncleaned hairbrush is thought to contain 3,500 colonies of bacteria per square inch – germs that you could be putting straight back into your hair. The best way to clean your hairbrush is to remove the hair and then scrub it with hot water and a bit of shampoo.


Your toothbrush holder


Many of us wash our toothbrushes, but few of us clean our toothbrush holders. These can attract all kinds of bathroom germs (you could even have germs from the toilet ending up in your toothbrush holder every time you flush). You can keep these holders clean by washing them regularly with soap and water (you could even put them in the dishwasher).


Your makeup bag


Makeup bags can also become breeding grounds for bacteria. Some of this bacteria could cause spots to become infected or even lead to conjunctivitis. You should wash out your makeup bag at least once a year to keep it free of germs.


The TV remote


TV remotes can also harbour huge amounts of germs if left uncleaned – given that the whole family will use this remote, it could be the perfect way of spreading illnesses. You can clean your remote by using an antiseptic wipe.


Your computer keyboard


Laptops and computer keyboards can also get infested with germs. This is especially the case for people who eat over their laptop keyboards causing crumbs to get stuck beneath the keys and lead to huge bacteria breakouts. Some studies suggest that the average computer keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat! You can buy kits for cleaning keyboards – there are guides online that can help.


Your smartphone

Smartphones can also be magnets for bacteria. Some of us use our phone whilst on the toilet and still never think to clean it. Cleaning a phone is something that should be done with care – your average wipes and disinfectant could cause damage to this device. Specialist cleaning equipment as this PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer could be worth investing in. There are also special phone cleaning disinfectant wipes that you can buy.


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