Business Events Just Got Better

July 11, 2018



It depends what type of company you are, and what business trips you go on. But generally speaking, they aren’t usually filled with fun. Typically, a business event is short and sharp, with very little time to let your hair down in between. If you’re a company who is doing very well in terms of profit, and you find yourself going on many business events each year, then things might be able to get a little more interesting for you. The more time you spend at them, the more time you’re going to realize that things need to perk up a bit. So, here’s how we think you can make your business events better, for both you, and the team that you will take with you!


Do It In Style


If you’re going to a business event, it’s all about getting noticed by the people you’re going to see. It’s all about looking like the biggest business in the room, and one way to do that is to flaunt a bit of your assets. If you’re traveling far for your next event, and you’re taking a bunch of people with you, take a private jet to that special event. I bet as soon as we’ve said that, all you’ll be thinking is money, money, money. We can’t lie, it isn’t as cheap as flying economy on your normal airliner, but it is the perfect way to feel like a well established business. If you’re doing well with profit, it won’t set you back as much as you think it will. The profit you’re potentially going to make from the business event you’re traveling to will make up for it. But doing this is a nice treat for you, your employees, and it’ll help you relax before the rush of an event. There’s nothing worse than traveling for hours, feeling groggy from a packed plane, and then having to sit through a business event.


Attracting Customers


It’s hard to attract a wide variety of customers at a business event. If it’s a trade event, there’s going to be people ambling by, just taking in whatever catches their eye, and possibly moving over to a stand or two. Whilst this is fine, it might not be good for your business. You want to have people crowded around you asking for your advice, and this is only going to happen if you grab their attention. So, do something fun to bring them to the table. It could be a game challenge, where the winner wins something big like an Ipad or laptop. Or it could be something food based. Anything that takes your stand from being boring to exciting will do!




If you’re going on a business trip to an event, you should allow yourself a day either side to have some downtime. Sometimes, if you’re getting caught up in the rush of it all, it doesn’t allow you to think clearly. But if you were to have a day before the conference for example, to get in some last minute planning and relaxation, it’ll keep your mind fresh for the next day.


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