So You Think You're Ready To Relocate?

July 10, 2018




You may have put an offer in on your perfect property, you may have a property lawyer recommendation from a friend, and you might have that new job all signed and sealed, but does that mean you are ready for your big move? If you are relocating to another state or even to another part of the world, you need more than a mortgage and some packed suitcases full of your hoarded wares. The key to any successful house move is in the preparation. If you haven’t even thought about ensuring your overdraft isn’t touched three months before you finally apply for your home loan, then you could be in dire straits. Take a look at this guide to ensure that you are ready to relocate.




The number one priority for your home move should be your financial health. You need to prove to any home loan lender that you are applying to that you are a responsible borrower. They might wish to see evidence of your salary and how you are managing your money. If your outgoings are more than your income each month, you are barely making it through to payday before slipping into the red, and you have never even attempted to make more than the minimum payment towards your credit card balances then metaphorical alarm bells will begin ringing. Ensure that you live well within your means for three months prior to making your mortgage application, try and shift as much debt as possible starting with credit cards and try to build up a little nest egg for a rainy day. With your enhanced credit score, home loan lenders will be fighting one another for your custom.




You may deem it necessary to secure the largest van you can possibly hire in order to shift your belongings from your current dwelling to your new pad. While an admirable quest, it could be doomed to failure. Come move day, you will be stressed enough chasing your property lawyer, real estate agent and bank for confirmation of your home purchase. It might be best to leave your move to the professionals. Reasonably priced local movers will know your area well, be able to help with the packing process and ease one less potential stressful situation on the day you are due to pick up your keys.


Always, always, always pack a small box full of essentials. This includes your kettle, a first aid kit, treats for the pet, healthy snacks for the kids, and your favorite coffee (or something stronger)  so you can christen your new kitchen as soon as you get through the door.


Be Kind


As you head off to pastures new, do the decent thing and leave the humble abode that you are waving goodbye to in a pleasant condition for the new homeowners. Hoover, clean the bathroom and ensure that the kitchen bins have been emptied. This is a common courtesy. It is not unusual for new homeowners to open their new fridge to discover a congratulatory bottle of champagne left behind by the previous occupants!


Moving house can be daunting. Follow this guide to ensure your relocation remains as stress-free as possible.


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