The Overlooked And Underrated Use Of Fabrics

July 6, 2018




Wanting your home to look modern and plush is very common. But what does that actually mean? In society, we psychologically give values to perceived standards. If someone you know has leather seats in their car, then it's only human to want them too. Is it jealousy? In part, yes, but it's also a feeling of belonging, that you are able to meet the standards of the modern day era. Whichever way you look at it, it's still just following the crowd, it's not totally your choice even though you can think that you made the purchase out of your own independent thought. Fabrics are so overlooked in modern day decor. They don’t shine and reflect the sunlight like leather does but they are more versatile. They may not be the norm now, but with such diverse options for quality, texture, smoothness, and design, you are spoilt for choice.


Why artificial fibers?


Man-made fibers are the cheap and cheerful material in every home. Our clothes are made out of acrylic and polyester to name a few. But why do you have man-made fibers when you could have much better and natural materials? For you pillow, pure cotton is a very popular choice because cotton naturally breathes and control temperature much better on its surface than anything artificial. Silk and wool are great choices but recent revelations in technology have brought in a new natural material. Hemp is strong and yet still supple, it's great for pillowcases that will have to put up with natural oils secrete from your face glands. Hemp is being cottonized to be like cotton but produced cheaper and safer. Since the hemp takes more process to manufacture, you also get a better quality than most cotton products.



Snug as a bug


Leather sofas are very attractive. They’re a sign of wealth and good taste but are they truly more comfortable than a fabric sofa? If we’re honest, they’re not. However in the modern standard that society is supposed to follow we don’t give fabric sofas a second glance. We also have a very valid caution as spills and stains will affect fabric more than leather. Leather couches don’t absorb as much dust either but at the end of the day, for pure comfort, fabric wins hands down. Searching for a little more comfort? Shop sofas for your living room sofas that will have you as snug as a bug in a rug. The American Perth Teal sofa is a great example of a fabric sofa that is stylish but puts soft support above looks. It also has contrasting cushions with a design of beige, brown, teal and cream zigzags.


Leather seems to have overtaken our daily life in the home. We seem to put up our noses at fabrics and choose to follow a standard that society all blindly follows too. A fabric sofa used to be the norm and nobody thought you were poor or had bad taste. A modern take on this decor piece easily overturns any of the negative assumptions. You need not be around artificial fibers either, with hemp now become the new kid on the block, it's time to wade in and see where it could fit into your life.


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