Common Problems With Disorganized House Moves

June 29, 2018



 There is plenty of advice out there for people that want to make their house move as stress-free as possible. But let’s be honest - not everyone pays attention. With this in mind, we thought we would point out some of the problems you might encounter if you leave your packing, booking and house move planning until the last minute.


There are plenty of potential pitfalls, which will only serve to increase your stress levels, cost you money, and leave you in a totally disorganized state. Let’s take a look at the problems you will undoubtedly encounter if you aren’t organized before moving home.





Have you measured all your bulky furniture? If not, how can you possibly guarantee they will fit into your new home, or even out of your old house? It is strongly advised that you measure all your large possessions, including white goods, sofas, beds and wardrobes. Failure to do this will result in a somewhat nerve-wracking and stress-inducing experience on the day of your big move.




Everyone needs help on moving day, but good removal companies get booked up, fast. Aim to reserve your slot with at least two months to go until the moving day, or you could find yourself in serious trouble. You also need to establish whether or not the company provides the services you need. For example, according to, you may need a special ‘white glove service’ to ensure your fragile and valuable pieces are kept in perfect condition. Similarly, you also need time to ensure you can run proper checks on the removal company - there are, unfortunately, plenty of rogue movers out there.




So, it’s the day of the big move and your removals company turns up with a huge lorry. The only trouble is, they can’t get proper access to your property because the road is too small, there is limited access, or their vehicle is just too large. At the very least, this scenario will add hours onto your removal times. At worst, it may not be possible to complete your move at all on that day - which means more expenses and inconveniences. Make sure access is not a problem and ensure it’s a discussion you have with the moving company.


Packing problems


If you leave your packing until the last minute, don’t be surprised if things go wrong. Not only will your movers require you to pack everything properly, but they could also charge you for the extra supplies they use. Not only that, of course, but you will also struggle when it comes to unpacking. Nothing will end up in the room it was meant to be in, and your next 6-12 months will be a nightmare in terms of getting your new home up to scratch.


Health concerns


Stress-induced, frenzied, last-minute packing can also be incredibly bad for your health. As pointed out at, not only will it cause your blood pressure to go through the roof, but you will be more prone to having accidents, too. Rushing around with obstacles in the way, trying to be a superhero, is only going to lead to someone getting hurt. Be more organized, and your big moving day will be a far more comfortable, safer, and less stressful event.



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