Someone Moving In? How To Help Their Move Be As Comfortable As Possible

June 26, 2018




Part and parcel of being a good friend to someone, or even a caring family member is that we open up our homes in times of need. This might be due to a child splitting up with a partner and needing a place to stay, or the death of a parent and welcoming your widowed parent to your home. Whatever the reason, moving can be difficult on the people or person involved, and it’s important to do your best to make their move as smooth as possible, especially if they are going through a bad time. Check out these fabulous tips on how to help your loved ones move in as comfortable as possible.


Stock up on their favorites

When you’re feeling low, it’s likely that you’ve got a go-to food or drink item that makes you feel that little bit better and reminds you of home. Do some research and find out what their favorite treats are and pack your cupboards full of them so that they have that little bit of comfort already waiting for them. It might be an idea to find out what their favourite meals are too so that you can cook it for your family, and include them in on meal times. It’s a little gesture that will go a very long way.


Help arrange the move

If the reason for moving is a traumatic one, the stress of arranging to move items can really pile onto someone’s shoulders. Even the idea of packing can be distressful. Chip in and help with their packing needs and arrange some people to come and help them move their belongings into your home. If you don’t have the time, you could hire a company like who specialize in moving delicate items. Another bonus of services like these is that if there are any belongings that are no longer wanted, they will dispose of them as part of the service!


Kit out their bedroom

There’s nothing worse than sleeping in a bedroom that you don’t feel comfortable in because you feel more like a guest than a part of the household. Put some effort into kitting their bedroom out with a television, a new bed set, some toiletries to get them going, some cuddly teddies, and also some homely smelling candles to help them relax into their new surroundings. If there’s a tradition in your home, then include them in it too. For example, if you’ve all got matching slippers and robes, get some for your new household member so that they can fit right in.


Give them space

Finally, as mentioned earlier, moving can be a very traumatic time even if you’re not moving for bad reasons. It’s important to let your new household member have as much space as they need. It might be a good idea to provide a lock on their bedroom door so that if they need some time to themselves, they can shut themselves away for a little while. It’s important to make them feel welcome without overwhelming them too.



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