Better Get Around To Brightening That Basement

June 22, 2018



A basement always works as a selling tool when buying houses. Even in its raw state, that space provides fantastic storage abilities. And, let’s be honest; there’s something quintessential about the idea of basement space. If we ignore the horror films which take place down below, it’s even possible to see how cute a basement space can be.

But, when it comes to adding value or space to your home, that basement will become much more than a cute addition. Instead, it’ll become the answer to your dreams. After all, basement renovation is one of the top ways to add value. Not to mention that, with most basements spanning the square footage of the house, you’ll have a load of space to play with. Forget squeezing into a tiny home. A cunning conversion could see you stretching your legs for much less than a house move.

At least, it will if you make that space appealing. Let’s not lie; some basements don’t invite us to spend time in them. Blame horror films if you want, but many of us convert our basements and then never use them. More often than not, the reason for this is that it feels too claustrophobic. Basements are underground, after all. The best way around that is, of course, to invite light into the space. But, how do you brighten a basement? Read on to find out.



Install windows

Windows? In a basement? Yes, you did hear right. The simple addition of windows can go further than anything in ridding that claustrophobic vibe. As well as allowing a breath of fresh air, this will let natural light to come streaming into the space. And few things are more effective at freshening things up. Of course, this will be easier for some than others. If your basement is at ground level, for instance, you won’t even need to give this a second thought. But, even if it is below ground, there’s more often than not a wall with room for a window up top. Bear in mind that, in this instance you would need to look into basement window drainage like window wells to ensure no leaks spring in the space. But, take care of that small problem, and this could be the answer to clearing your claustrophobia cobwebs.


Research artificial light


If you can only squeeze one small window into the space, you might also want to work on picking out artificial lights which can finish the job. Most times, layered options can provide the best light here, so work on using a few different choices. Spotlights are an obvious option. They provide intense light in controlled areas. You may also want to soften their glare with pendant lights. These look fantastic and add a softer glow. Table lamps are another excellent way to brighten the corners other lights won’t reach. In short, think of this as a lightbulb orchestra. Keep adding players to the band until everything is exactly the way you want it.


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