Fashionable Travel - A Long Weekend In Milan

June 22, 2018

 Milan Fashion Week Street Style


Fancy a weekend away somewhere? If so, may I suggest the Italian city of Milan? The city is absolutely gorgeous and soaked in so much history and culture; there is no doubt you will find plenty keep you entertained! But those aren’t the only reasons to go to Milan. It’s possible the most fashionable city in the whole of the world, and it full of lots of chic fashionistas. So, as you can see, it’s a great destination for anyone who has an interest in fashion. As you are reading my blog, I assume that’s you!


So, are you wondering how you should spend your time in fashionable Milan? Here are a few ideas!


People Watch In The Sophisticated Cafes


The Milanese love their cafes. You will notice that the buzzing cafes are filled with customers almost every afternoon, even through the week, and the crowds stay well into the evening. You will be able to taste some fantastic Italian coffees and nibble on delicious sharing plates and cakes. If you are feeling like a treat, you might even want to enjoy an early aperitif. But one of the best things about being in the cafes is the opportunity to do some serious people watching. You will be able to coo over all of your fellow decadent diners and wonder why they got their gorgeous outfits from.


Milan Fashion Week Street Style 



Browse The Vintage Boutiques

You’ve come to Milan to do some shopping, right? Right! Well, you certainly won’t run out of places to go. In fact, there are lots and lots of independent vintage boutiques throughout the city, and I’m sure you will be able to while away a few hours browsing in each of them. You might need to find out about loans near you before you leave home, though. Some of those vintage boutiques can be very expensive, especially if you stumble across some Gucci or Prada pieces!


Milan Fashion Week Street Style 


Peruse Somma


Want to hit one of Milan’s most famous shops? If so, you should visit Somma, which is so popular that many Italians travel from across the country to spend some time browsing its wares. However, you won’t find any clothes here - Somma specializes in linen and bed clothes. It’s the perfect place to spend some pennies if you need some new sheets, duvet covers, or bespoke pyjamas made especially for you.


Enjoy A Post-Shopping Cocktail


I’m sure all of that shopping will quickly tire you out. You might need a classy cocktail to help you regain your energy! Thankfully, there are plenty of elegant cocktail bars all over the city. One great idea is to spend the day in the world-famous Brian And Barry Building. You can spend the morning browsing its many shops before heading up to its bar and treating yourself to a Negroni. There’s even a gourmet restaurant in the building where you can grab a bite to eat.


So, what are you waiting for? Time to book a trip to Milan so you can shop till you drop!


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