Cards, Cash and Credit: 4 Thrifty Ways To Keep Your Clothing Closet Stocked Up

June 22, 2018



When people step into your home they are always shocked at how many beautiful clothes and shoes you own. Fashion been a passion of yours since you were little and you are always looking for ways to keep up with the latest trends. Having a hobby like this often comes at a price, because you always want to invest in the latest fashion accessory of the moment. You are always looking for ways to save money whilst keeping up with your passion for fashion. Here are four thrifty ways to keep your fashion flowing and your closet well stocked.


1. Credit For Clothes


In the past you have been guilty of spending money that you don’t really have. Credit cards used to be a fun game for you; you’d hit the shops, empty the rails and come up with bags full of exciting treats. In order to get yourself out of this rut and back into good habits you need some sort of credit card relief. You need to pay back the debts you have accumulated, which often means consolidating it all into one lump sum. A professional company will be able to give you the advice you need to get back on the right path.


2. Smart Swaps


Whilst you get your finances in order you might want to lay off the shopping sprees for a little while. Your heart yearns for new clothes and shoes all the time, but you’re not sure how to get your fix without any money. Get together with some of your best friends (who happen to be the same size as you) and swap clothes. If you have been wearing the same top for weeks on end it is time to swap it out for something fresh. You won’t have to spend any money and you will have a closet full of new clothes.


3. Excellent Exchanges


If you’re getting bored of your old threads and want to make room for some more, you should consider having a closet clear out. Fill a bag full of your unwanted clothes and take it to a local high street store. Many clothing brands will exchange a bag of old clothes for a voucher. If you have a couple of bags you might just grab enough vouchers for a mini spree in your favourite store.


4. Savvy Saving


When you’re trying to climb out of debt you can’t be splurging on expensive designer pieces (even though you really want to). Shopping during the sales really isn’t that bad, as long as you give yourself time to scour the rails for bargains. It is a good idea to shop one season ahead too. When the sun is blazing people don’t always think to nab the cute woolly jumpers that have landed in the sales, so make the most of the cheap and cheery items whilst you can.


You can feed your shopping addiction and get yourself back into a financially secure situation all at the same time. Just pay off your credit card bills, swap with your friends and scour the sales for those bargains.



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