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June 19, 2018




You don’t need us to tell you home design is a pretty big deal. Aside from making our living spaces look good, getting interiors right is often a matter of showcasing who we are and what we like. The right design helps us reach harmony with our homes. It can even feel as though we’ve found another outlet through which to express ourselves.

But, there’s one issue with interiors. As the name suggests, they’re limited to the inside of our homes. That’s excellent news for personal use. And, of course, guests will soon get a feel for that style which is personal to you. But, that’s where it ends. From the outside, your house may look the same as any other.

In some respect, then, you could argue your efforts go somewhat to waste. As far as outsiders are concerned, your house is no different. What’s more, this could hinder your return. There may be a blast of color the moment you open the front door, but a bland exterior can still leave you feeling uninspired.

Of course, turning your interior decor to the exterior would be a little extreme. But, there are subtle ways you can show your design from the outside, too. And, we’re going to look at some here.

Match your siding

One of the best things you can do is turn your attention to siding. Let’s be honest; this is the most noticeable thing about your home exterior. Heck; you can likely see it as soon as you enter your street. So, do away with your bland siding and find a way to hint at your interior here. Turn to companies like The Siding King, who can install new panels to match your internal color scheme. This can make a massive difference to first impressions. You’ll undoubtedly feel better pulling into that drive afterwards.




Get bold with your front door

Anyone who keeps half an eye on the design world will know that bold front doors are big for 2018. It may be that you opt for a contemporary design, unlike anything your street has seen before. This would be an ideal way to incorporate your interior art in an exterior way. Or, you might want to make like the masses and opt for bright colors. If your decor is bold and beautiful, this could be a fantastic addition. Studies suggest purple is the top choice, but think about your rooms. Select a color which appears most often in each. This is a small addition which packs big punch.


Create color with curtains

Curtains are another fantastic option to utilize here. In fact, they’re about one of the only interior choices which you’ll see from outside. So, make the most of this with something bold. The more visible it is from a distance, the better. Instead of opting for subtle curtains, match them to the colors of your walls. The brighter you go, the more chance these additions will make a difference to your exterior, too.

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