Natural Elements To Give Your Home Soul

June 13, 2018




Nothing manages to calm the soul more than Mother Nature. She’s got this way of making you feel at ease, washing away your anxieties, helping you forget about worries, get your creative juices trickling like the first drops of a waterfall and, best of all, making you smile from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat Alice meets. That’s why every homeowner and renter should share the ambition of bringing nature into their home.


There’s just something irresistible about organic and natural elements. They make us feel so at peace. They make a space feel a million times more inviting and welcoming. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a tuft of soft cotton or an entire furniture set that’s been inspired by the great outdoors, decorating with natural elements will breathe the kind of new life into your home you’ve been desperate for. Even if your home is modern, incorporating a dollop of nature can give even the most contemporary nook or cranny an unexpected feeling.


From having bi-fold doors put into your living room so that you can enjoy the job Atkins, Inc. did on your gorgeous garden to decorating your entrance way with a few natural elements, there are a thousand ways you can bring the outdoors in and create a home that’s impossibly perfect.


1. Pick The Elements That Make You Feel Peaceful

Whether you prefer to use the kind of natural tidbits that are still living or you love nature that was once alive and kicking, it’s great to know what makes you feel at peace so that you can start adding the perfect elements to your home. It could be houseplants and indoor trees, or you might have an unconditional love for cotton, leather, wood or seagrass. It’s all about picking the materials that resonate with your own personal style. If it’s just you on your own, or you’ve been given total creative control, then this will be as easy as tapping into your own preferences. If, however, you live with someone else, then you might have to find a way to appease both tastes, such as pairing your love for rock walls with their passion for dark wood floors. Either way, you’ll have an amazing time choosing how to express yourself through the elements.


2. Brick Makes The Perfect Backdrop

You might not have thought about brick when it comes to incorporating the outdoors into your interior design, but the natural process of using mud, clay, and water, and then firing it at searingly high temperatures is as natural as they come. It’s why the use of brick has lasted hundreds and hundreds of years, and why it has become that one natural material that seems to have enjoyed the biggest revival of any. The return of exposed or painted brick has been amazing, and it’s all because of the contrast it offers to a place. There is something about the uniformity of this pattern that makes the other bits of nature standout like nothing else. Pop a plant or a house tree in front of a brick wall and you’ll feel a sense of calm wash over you like the tide on a shore. But it doesn’t have to plants you use. It could just as easily be wicker basket full of your kid's toys or a stack of wood for your winter fires. It will give you that rustic feeling that is so delicious.


3. Wood Furniture Defines Wonderful

When it comes to furniture, there is still no material more desirable than wood. It’s durable, stunning, shows off the craftsmanship involved and can be finished in any way that suits your personal style. If it’s that country appeal of a rustic interior that floats your boat, then artisan-made pieces will completely transform your space. If you want to give your home that turn-of-the-century nostalgia that makes a space feel so warm and welcoming, then try adding antique pieces into your rooms, especially your living room and bedroom. If you want to keep your contemporary vibe going, then simply pick pieces that boast straight lines and minimal designs. These are the sort of things that will turn heads in the most soothing way possible. It doesn’t matter whether if it’s bar stools to go around your kitchen island or a sleek headboard, wood has the answers.


4. Decorate Your Home With These Elements

When it comes to the sort of natural elements that will live your space and your mood, your options are more or less. A few cotton tufts here and there will add a fresh uniqueness to a space, shaved tree trunks make for the most organic coffee tables, twisted branches snapped from the trees in your garden can liven up the most forgotten spot, and gemstones and agates can put a dash of colour into a home in the way no amount of paint can. And that’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg. Add a water feature to your entrance way to make a serious splash, buy a collection of framed and pressed butterflies and then mix them with your flower bouquets for an added pop of natural beauty, throw (faux) fur rugs on the floor and throws on the back of your sofas. Add painted antlers to the walls, terrariums to your side tables and make a table out of planters where vines can climb up the legs. Whatever tickles your fancy. It’s as amazing as that.


5. Bathroom At It’s Best

Your bathroom is meant to be the most relaxing room in your home. It’s meant to be that place you can go to escape the noise of the wall, soak in the tub and relax in the most poignant meaning of the word, and the best way to do this is to decorate your bathroom with plants. Hang them from the ceiling, line the walls with potted plants and lets creepers climb the walls. Like we keep saying, there are a million and more ways to bring nature into your home in totally unique ways, but none will make your spirit dance more than a greenery-filled bathroom.


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