Cali-Forn-Ia: Still Thug Life, Sadly

June 13, 2018



Living in California has its advantages. The weather is fantastic all year round, there are beautiful sights to see, and the environment is spectacular. Anyone who has been to the many national parks around this way will understand the last one. And, that’s without mentioning the likes of San Fran, LA and Hollywood, and the surfing. Yep, Cali is a pretty cool (or should that be rad?) place to call home.


To say it’s without its drawbacks is a lie, and one major one is safety. South Central Los Angeles is famed for its Thug Life mentality. Gangs aren’t in one place, either, and there seems to be a new set popping up throughout the state. Staying safe and keeping the family secure is by no means a battle, but it’s always a nagging thought in the back of the mind.


The latter is just one element of danger in one of the most populated states in the country. For locals, negating the risks is essential. No one wants to live in a place where dangers are an ever-present. Here is a selection of ways to stay safe at home and outside of it for Californians.


Avoid Hot Zones


Like every place in the world, there are nice spots and there are ones that are undesirable. In Cali, you can add the ones that are a no-go zone for outsiders. Compton springs to mind, as does South Central LA in general. These are dangerous places and ones to avoid if you are not from the area.


For the most part, people don’t wander into these cities on a whim to check out the local culture. Understanding the danger is easy when you live nearby and see the risk firsthand. Still, it’s easy to lose concentration and end up in a dodgy part of town. Driving through a “hot zone” is straightforward if you follow a sat nav without focusing.


The best option is to stick to routes that you know are safe even if it takes a little longer. And, always be vigilant in the car because you never can tell what will happen. The last thing you want to happen is to break down in an “unfriendly” part of town.


Cool Down


The intro mentioned that there is a variety of dangers, so let’s get away from the crime aspect. Instead, let’s focus on the weather. Yep, the burning ball of fire in the sky is what makes California such an attraction. Waking up in the morning to sunshine is much better than being in the dark. New York may never sleep, but if it did, the people would suffer from depression in the mornings.


The temperatures in Cali have always been high but they are rising. Global warming means the mercury is reaching boiling point. Great, you might think, it’s better than rain or wind or both. Sure, the sun is nice but it can be dangerous. Too much of it might lead to burns, scars and even cancer. You can find more details by following the link.


Cooling down is essential. In fact, staying out of the sun altogether may be the wisest option depending on the temperature. If you can’t, please wear sunscreen and protect your skin.


Home Vigilance


Think about cooling off and the first thing that springs to mind. Yep, it’s the pool. Almost every property in the state has a swimming pool in the back garden because of the heat. For the most part, it’s a fantastic way to stop overheating in the summer. Hell, autumn and winter aren’t exactly freezing and some homeowners find a use for them then.


A pool does come with risks, ones that need addressing. Parents need to see the danger in letting their kids mill around the edge. Even strong swimmers can drown if they bang their head and fall into the water. To prevent this from happening, you might want to consider putting up a railing. It isn’t pretty, but it is effective.


Home dangers don’t stop at the side of the pool. Cleaning products are potentially fatal also. One unfortunate taste of chemical bleach and a trip to the ER is on the cards. More details are available here, but remember that organic cleaners do exist. By switching brands to a natural compound, the risks are fewer.


Take Precautions


A favorite pastime of Californians is to head out to the parks and be at one with nature. When Yosemite is near enough to drive to, then there is no excuse for staying at home. If it was good enough for President Teddy Roosevelt, it’s plenty good enough for the rest of us! Not that we’re less important, but he was a leader of the USA.


The problem with nature is the beauty. Looking at it makes you think that nothing bad can come from venturing out into the wild. Then, bang – you’re lost. Phone someone, quickly! Wait, you can’t because the phone is dead and there is no signal. Okay, walk to the nearest checkpoint and find help. It's not possible because you didn’t bring a map.


By all means, take a hike and exploit everything the state has to offer but don’t be naïve. Some parks even have a clue in the title. Death  Valley is a prime example and there is more info on why here. To be safe, take supplies including water, a battery pack, a map, and a variety of clothing.


Drive Carefully


Sometimes, you need eyes in your butt to avoid a crash. Californians, especially in the big cities, drive as if they are trying to impress NASCAR scouts. They bob and they weave and try to fit into gaps that are too small. The accident stats back this up one hundred percent – driving in Cali is dangerous.


The only thing you can do is anticipate motorists’ moves. Do they seem as if they are going to cut you up? Then hold back and press the brake pedal. That way, there is no need to swap insurance info.


How do you stay safe? What are your secrets?


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