4 Cool Summer Party Ideas When the Sun is Blazing

June 12, 2018




The summer season is finally upon us and we’re all looking for ways to cool down a bit. While sloughing around in the sun is a great way to spend your afternoon, it’s can sometimes get a bit too hot - and what’s better than a cool summer party with your favorite people? Luckily, you don’t really need an excuse to throw a party. Just have a few games up your sleeve, fire up the BBQ, buy a ton of ice cream and you’re good to go.

Spice it up a bit this season and make use of the fun ideas below. That way, your party will stand out in the crowd and you’ll get to enjoy being the host of the year - or at least of the month.


#1 Ice cream party


Children of all ages know that ice cream is the best way to cool down so you might as well build your theme around it. The great thing about ice cream, except for the flavor, of course, is that you can make so many drinks and desserts out of it and even decorate your entire patio with ice creams. Don’t choose actual ice cream for decoration, though, as they will surely melt away and make your patio sticky.


Fold a cone out of a large sheet of paper and top it with a large balloon instead. It’s a great task for the kids, by the way, so you can continue to guard the real ice cream in the meantime. Whip up a couple of milkshakes, make an ice cream dessert for after dinner, and make sure everyone is ready to eat some other form of dessert for dinner as well.


Nobody can really complain about the heat when they can eat as much ice cream as they’d like. Keep it cool inside as well, by the way, and make sure your summer treats don’t melt away by directing the fans strategically around the house; that way, you can let your guests cool down inside without spending too much electricity on it.


You may want to give your A/C a check as well, though, if you already have one of these. Summer is high season for these ones to break down so read more now to avoid any hiccups during your party.


#2 BBQ pool party


BBQ belongs to the summer season but it’s not really that cool, is it? Pair your grill with a refreshing swim in the pool and you’ll understand why everybody wants to BBQ when it’s so warm outside. You can easily make use of some of the great BBQ hacks around the web as well, such as cooking a large batch of corn on the cob by putting them in a cooler bag and filling it with boiling water. Let it sit for 30 minutes and voila - corn for everyone.




Set up a burger bar as well, by the way, to make it a bit easier on yourself. Equip it with everything your guests may want to dress their burger with such as lettuce, cheese, bacon, pickles, onion, mustard, etc.


Not having access to a pool may put a damper on your cooldown BBQ party so consider moving it to somewhere near a lake or similar where you’re allowed to fire up a grill. With so much water to swim in, you might even be able to come up with a few fun water games; have a look at this article to get your imagination started.


When you’re staying by the lake, it’s a good idea to have a few of those citrus candles ready in case your party is attacked by bugs when evening comes. You can easily make these yourself, though, if you’d like to; gather some herbs such as rosemary and mint, add a good amount of lemon, and fill it with water before adding some floating candles on top. It’s really that easy and won’t cost you much at all.


#3 Water balloon party


Nothing says summer like a proper water party. If you have a bit of space to spare outside, there should be nothing stopping you from filling a lot of balloons with water to make a pinata for the kids; just hang them on a string and give your kids a plastic bat so that they can swing away safely.


Try to think about other ways you make it easy for your guests to cool down in the heat as well, such as putting up a slip-n-slide in the garden, giving your guests a water gun to hose each other down with, and make use of your pool if you have one. Have a look at this article now in case you need some more water party ideas for both kids and adults.


Other water party options include setting up a giant bubble station for your kids by simply filling a plastic tub with soap and getting ahold of one of those large rings to make bubbles with. Just keep an eye out for the younger kids so they don’t fall into the soap; they are supposed to be standing safely in the middle of the soap bubble, not basking around in it.


If it’s a party for grown-ups you can consider using a few hollow-ish ice cubes as shot glasses too, by the way, to make it even more refreshing. It’s actually not as complicated as it seems but you will need some paper cups, plastic shot glasses, a muffin or cupcake pan, duct tape and some food coloring if you’d like to make it look a bit funky.


#4 Seaside party theme


Last but not least, a seaside party theme is a perfect match for any hot summer day - even if you’re not actually by the sea. You can easily make it feel a bit like you are, though, by making the decorations as beachy as possible.


Think shells scattered over the table, ice cream desserts made in the shape of whatever sea creature your kids prefer, buckets filled with sand to hold those candles in place when evening falls, etc.


There are so many ways to bring a bit of the seaside to your home as basically every piece of decoration can be made to match. Why not set up a play-pretend shellfish buffet that is actually delicious dessert? Your kids will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

Light those lanterns as soon as the sun has set and you can pretend that the ocean is right around the corner. It may not actually make it cooler but at least you’ll be able to enjoy the season at its best - and you’ll have some great summer memories when winter returns.

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