Showcasing Your Home In The Best Light

June 7, 2018



Whether you plan to list your home on the market soon, and so you need to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers, or you want to impress some of your friends when they come around for the evening, this article contains lots of ideas for showcasing your property in the best light. You are sure to find some suggestions on this page that will work for you, and so it’s sensible to grab a coffee and spend the next ten minutes reading all the tips and tricks published below. Hopefully, you will manage to highlight the best features of your home and leave anyone who walks through the door feeling stunned. Of course, you are free to mess around with these concepts and tailor them based on your taste.


Give the front door a lick of paint


Most people form their first impressions of a home in less than one minute. The first thing most folks see when approaching your property is the front door. If you haven’t replaced the door for a few years, there is a reasonable chance the paint job has seen better days. So, do yourself a favor and head down to your local DIY store. Ask the staff there to point you in the direction of waterproof outdoor paint. You can then choose a color that will make sure your door looks fresh and clean. Reds, greens, and blues are the most popular choices, but nothing is wrong with thinking outside of the box. Best of all? The paint you purchase is not going to break the bank, and the task should take no longer than an hour.


Improve your front garden


For the same reason you will need to paint your front door, it also makes sense for you to improve your front garden. Summer is here, and so now is the perfect time to head down to a garden center and purchase some colorful flowers and plants that will add to your outdoor aesthetic. You also need to ensure the grass is always cut short, and you remove any weeds from the space. Of course, there are professional gardeners out there who don’t charge the earth for their services. So, if you’re not exactly the most green-fingered person in the world, there is no need to stress. Either search online or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. You are sure to know someone who can put you in touch with a decent professional.




Open all the curtains and blinds


You need to make use of natural light as much as possible when showcasing your home. For that reason, it doesn’t make sense to leave those curtains and blinds closed. You want your home to appear as light and airy as possible, and so you need to stop doing anything that prevents the free flow of sunlight. You could even go a step further and install some patio doors if you have the money, space, and inclination to do so. If you’re going to put curtains and blinds at the windows; be sure to select products made from thin materials. So, you can prevent people from seeing inside without blocking the sun. Also, choosing light colored paint for your walls will make a significant difference.


Think about lighting options


When it comes to selecting the best lighting products for your home, there is a reasonable chance you will want to use many different solutions. For example, adding some spotlights to your kitchen and bathroom will help to illuminate the space without taking up too much room. Getting a Dusk One lamp or something similar for your lounge is always sensible. Those items assess the amount of light in their surroundings and then adjust their brightness accordingly. So, you will never have to stress about getting headaches in the evening because the bulbs are too bright. Some people also like the idea of trying different solutions like strip lights and other products. The decision is down to you. However, it’s worth reading some advice online if before placing your order if you’re going to buy from the internet.




Clean your kitchen and bathroom


While you should always make sure that your home is clean and tidy when you welcome guests or potential buyers, the kitchen and bathroom are the most critical spaces where you need to focus your efforts. Nobody wants to sit down on a dirty toilet, and few people will want to eat food you prepare in a messy kitchen. So, ensure you take the time to give each of those spaces a wipe before you welcome anyone into the house. The tiles in your kitchen should shine when you switch the lights on, and you can get some excellent cleaning products for next to nothing these days. There are even guides online that show you how to make cleaning solutions out of things you have lying around in the cupboards. Whatever happens, if you have kids or pets, make sure you keep the cleaning chemicals in a locked cabinet.


Choose the right flooring solutions


Nothing says luxury like stained real wood flooring. However, nothing says comfort like thick carpets. So, you need to make a decision and work out which solution is best for your property. Carpets will help to retain heat and ensure people can walk barefoot on the floor without hurting their feet. Laminate and real wood flooring look fantastic, but it can become a little cold underfoot if you’re not careful. Some people think the perfect solution is to select a mix of both options. They choose to lay carpet in the bedrooms, living room, and stairways while fitting wooden floors everywhere else. Remember, you can also add some stylish rugs if that idea appeals. Search online to find flooring specialists and obtain some quotes. You can often save a lot of money if you pay for the product and installation from the same company.




Make use of mirrors


Mirrors are excellent tools for making a room appear larger than it is in reality. That is an ancient technique used as far back as the time of the Pharaohs. By placing mirrors in strategic locations, it is possible to push natural light around the house and ensure it remains as bright as possible. Also, mirrors make it seem like there is extra space, and so people who visit your home should never feel cramped or claustrophobic. You can pick up cheap mirrors online these days for next to nothing. There are also lots of high-end products available that cost hundreds of dollars. So, it all comes down to how much cash you can afford to spend. Try online auction websites for the best deals.


Hang unusual and intriguing artwork


Lots of people choose to hang family photographs all over the walls in their home. That is not a sensible move if you plan to show potential buyers around the property. Those looking to buy a house need to imagine their families living in the home. That is difficult when there are photographs of your children everywhere. Artwork is the best solution, and you can get some brilliant prints online or at stores on your local high street. Even if you plan to welcome some friends into your home, they are going to prefer looking at art rather than your kids. Think outside of the box and use your imagination! You could even create the artwork if you have the skills and creativity.


Remove all the clutter


Lastly, you need to do everything within your power to remove as much clutter as possible from the house. You tend to accumulate a lot of possessions when you live with your family, and so it makes sense to purchase furniture that contains hidden storage compartments. There are lots of products of that nature available right now online and in stores. Some of the best items that come with hidden storage include:


  • Beds

  • Sofas

  • Coffee Tables

  • Chairs


Make sure you hide all those toys and magazines away before you welcome people into your home. That is the best way to ensure the property looks well-kept and tidy. Hopefully, buying furniture items of that nature should prevent you from ending up with a cupboard full of junk under the stairs.


It is now time to put some of the ideas and suggestions from this post into practice. Make a list of things you want to do during the next few weeks, and work through each of them in turn. With a bit of luck, you will manage to showcase your property in the best light and impress any potential buyers or guests who come around the visit. If you would like more information or tips, be sure to read some of the other articles on this website. There is a wealth of free info that anyone can use to improve their home and their life too. With that in mind, thanks for reading! Please feel free to share this post with all your friends.


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