Creating The Perfect Cosy Atmosphere In Your Own Home

June 7, 2018



Creating a cosy atmosphere in your home is important if you live a stressful life. You want to feel like all of your stresses and worries simply melt away when you spend time relaxing in your home. However, most people don’t feel this way. They still feel anxious, and like they have to be doing something...anything! How can you quell this feeling and make your home feel as cosy as possible? Read on to find out…


Start Living A More Minimalist Lifestyle

Living a more minimalist lifestyle is becoming somewhat of a trend lately, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It’s a trend that will benefit you in numerous ways. You’ll have less to tidy up and clean, which will give you even more time to relax. You won't have as much clutter, so you should feel as if you have a bit of a weight off your shoulders. Studies have shown that having clutter in the house can stress out the homeowner. The only exception is when that ‘clutter’ is meaningful - such as pictures and things your kids have made for you. Have a big clear out, and before you bring anything else into your home, give yourself time to think about it. Chances are, the desire to own something else will die down and you’ll save money and space.



Having more texture in your home will lend to the cosy atmosphere - just make sure you’re avoiding toxic materials. For example, you could look at adding carpets, throws, and cushions; you’d just need to make sure that they’re not going to flare up any allergies by trapping dust and making things worse. In general, the more texture you add, the better.


Make Your Home Smell Amazing

If you want your home to be really cosy, then you need to make sure it smells great, too. Making your home smell amazing can be done various ways, but again, you need to be sure that you’re not using any toxic techniques. Some candles may be toxic and you may not even know it! Instead, use healthy essential oils and an air diffuser to enjoy the benefits they can give and give your home a natural scent. You could even bake something if you want a delicious smell to waft through your entire home.


Have A Room With Zero Technology

Many people don’t realize that one of the reasons they can’t relax is because technology is everywhere we turn. Even the lights from technology can affect our sleeping pattern and stop us from sleeping - the ‘power’ button on a TV, for instance. Try having a room, or a few rooms that are void of technology. Go to these rooms when you really want to relax!


Choose Your Colors Carefully

Color can have a big effect on our mood, so choose your colors carefully. For instance, the color red can symbolize things like emergency, so aren't great for relaxing.  Colors like blue and green are more natural and symbolize things like calm and peace, so can work really well!



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