Water World: Taking Your Adventure To The Sea

June 6, 2018



When travelling around the world, you will get loads of chances to visit sandy beaches and to enjoy the sun with the sound of waves crashing around you. For a lot of people, this aspect of the trip will be one of the most important, and you will probably spend a lot of time here when you get the opportunity. Of course, though, there are loads of places out there which take the beach and sea to a whole new level. To help you to find places like this, this post will be exploring some of the options you have available.


Pompano Beach, Florida: Florida is well-known for having some of the very best beaches the US has to offer. With white sand, blue skies, and clear water, Pompano Beach is no exception to this, but it also has some other fun qualities which bump it up to the top of this list. With a combination of naturally formed coves and islands, along with human made canals to connect it all together, this area is perfect for all sorts of holidaymakers. Reading a Pompano Beach FL guide or two will give you a much better idea of what can be done in this place. It’s worth taking a look, too, as you won’t find many experiences like this at the same value.


The Manta Resort, Tanzania: This next location isn’t one a lot of people would associate with beaches. Located in the East of Africa, Tanzania, this area is best known for the vast wilderness covering its surface. Home to loads of wildlife, plants, and other natural features, this is a great location for anyone in love with nature. The Manta Resort is special because it takes you right out into the ocean. With a floating room available, complete with underwater viewing area, you will get to see loads of the creatures calling it home. This sort of trip is perfect for anyone looking for a unique adventure.


Fenghuang, China: Finally, as the last idea on this list, Fenghuang isn’t anywhere near the sea. Instead, to connect this town to the ocean, it relies on a large river which courses through it, with much of the area feeding from this natural feature. The city itself is thousands of years old, giving you loads of history to explore and new things to learn. Along with this, though, the whole place is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this is reflected by the ancient city which calls it home. There are few places around the world with the level of intrigue which Fenghuang has on offer.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking some ways to make your next vacation a little more watery. There are loads of ways to enhance the way you travel, with additions like this giving you loads to see and do while you’re away. Of course, though, this has to be based on what you like, and it will be worth doing loads of research to find places which truly excite you.



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