Cooling Off In The Summer Climate

June 6, 2018



The summer is here, and we’re certainly feeling its influence all around us, whether we’re outside or not. Because of that, this’d be a good time for you to get out and about more, soaking up plenty of sun to get some healthy Vitamin D production going, as long as you’ve got some SPF on your skin as well! But at the same time, the constant sun exposure and the lack of breeze on your body can get to you, and you don’t want to spend your time in a puddle of sweat more often than not!


You’re meant to feel sexy during the summer, with your beach body and hair blowing in the wind off the sea! Thankfully, this is also the perfect time for you to travel, and you’re likely to get some good time off work during these next few months. Use this to your advantage and get yourself on a plane, in a car, or on a boat, and sate your wanderlust!


Seeing as you’ve got your house set up for the perfect summer atmosphere, now’s the time to do the same for your skin whilst you’re out and about, having some fun and fresh adventures in pure comfort! And if it gets too chilly, you’re able to wrap up warmer again, but you can only take so much off when the heat gets too much! With all that in mind, it’s time to try a summer adventure where you’re able to bundle yourself up in scarves and wooly hats, and look the picture of bliss with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands.




Try Heading to the Opposite Hemisphere


Seeing as we’re heading into the throes of the summer climate right now, the other side of the world are going to be experiencing more wintery temperatures, meaning it’s a perfect time for you to try your hand at very, very long distance travelling, to escape the ravages of the constant sun. When we think of places like Australia and New Zealand, we don’t tend to think of countries that have a cool breeze and mild skies to offer us, and most of the time we’re right. But during June, July, and August? You’re going to get an entirely different impression from them!

The hemisphere that these countries exist in is opposite to our own, and that means they experience summer in December and winter in mid July, and you can use that for your temperature needs. Don’t worry, the tourism sector is bustling for heading to these countries during this time, and there’s so much to get up to for every type of person there is. You can check out lists like these to find out the most detail about what’s on offer during the snowy months over here, but seeing as temperatures can get as low as 14 degrees in the southern parts, you’ve got a lot of wintery fun to look forward to!


Visit a Unique Landscape in Greenland


Greenland is a place that confuses a lot of people. It’s right next to Iceland and has plenty of the same kind of glaciers, mountains, and water features. So why is it called Greenland? Because it’s a pasture of beauty and calm for you to explore during the summer months when your own country gets a little too spicy for you! ...OK so there’s a much more official reason why it’s called Greenland, but you can let us travellers dream!


Greenland is a place you’re unlikely to see the likes of anywhere else in the world, seeing as there’s plenty of sites to snap some photos of: the constant sun even under the night sky (known as the midnight sun), fjords full of colors and glaciers to find your way through (if that’s an option), and some wildlife that’s unique and often friendly. It’s the place of a traveller’s dreams, and it’s going to offer views and experiences you’re never going to forget, or find in another part of the world.


Not to mention, Greenland is quite remote, and there’s plenty of chance for you to not be hounded by fellow tourists when you visit here. More and more people are flocking to Greenland every year, but it’s still not as popular a place as Iceland, and nowhere near as popular as heading to warmer climates over the other side of the world. It’ll feel like an exclusive destination just for you to cool off in!




Try a Skiing Holiday


Everyone has thought about going on skiing vacation every once in a while, so during the summer that’s coming up, when temperatures are going to soar, make these dreams come true. Skiing is a skill not many people can do, so if you try your hand at it now, you’re going to have something good to boast about when you get back to work when September rolls around! And hey, falling on your face in front of your family is actually quite fun.


Look into some tips before you go though, to make sure you’re not putting yourself into too many embarrassing situations! You don’t even have to head out of your own country to find the right resort or supplies for you. Visit Bridge Street Ski Haus if you’re looking to find the best equipment at your convenience, or if you want to experience some of the slopes nearby.


Cooling off for the summer is going to be a great idea to look into, so get your friends and family together now to suggest it. Instead of sitting under the air conditioning for the next 8 weeks on end, get out and about the way you would during some calmer and cooler times. This is your holiday season coming up, and you have the right to spend it however you want!


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