It's A Summer Skin Thing

June 5, 2018



During the winter, our faces and hands are subjected to harsh temperatures and even harsher winds. We go from outside in the cold and dry to inside in the warm and moist and our skin has to cope with this every day. Showing off your skin with confidence isn’t always easy, then, when by the time the summer months come around you’ve got ruddy patches on your cheeks mingled with dry areas and rough skin.


Scheduling your vacation will get you in the summer mood, but your emotions aren’t the only thing that needs to get ready for the sunshine – you need to prepare your skin for the summer so that you don’t end up with skin that is less than smooth and hydrated. There are plenty of ways to keep your skin youthful, with red palm oil and collagen face masks. But to get it hydrated enough to come out of hibernation and away from the chilblains? That’s not easy! Check out these brilliant ways of preparing your skin for the warmth of the sunshine:



Exfoliation is not as overrated as you may think. It should be a part of your daily skincare regimen anyway, but it is a brilliant way to help you to achieve a healthy glow all over your skin. You have to be careful though – you only need remove the outer layer of the skin, not to the bone. You can choose some brilliant products on the market to scrub your skin, or you can choose exfoliating cloths if the face washes aren’t your thing.


Hair Removal

The one thing that girls everywhere know is hard is hair removal. There are plenty of options on the market, but they’re not always easy to follow through with when they irritate your skin. And you’re not going to know that they irritate until you try them! Always give your skin the chance to repair a little once you’ve waxed or shaved. Stay out of the sun for a couple of days after hair removal and make sure that you moisturise thoroughly.



There is no point in waxing and exfoliating if you’re not going to protect your skin from the heat afterwards. The sun can and will burn your skin if you’re not careful about it. Check out the star rating of your sunscreen as well as the SPF; it’ll count.



When it comes down to it, no one likes acne breaking out across their faces. The thing is, you can’t just slap on some makeup and cover it up. Speak to your doctor about prescribed medications and creams if the acne is bad and keep up with your own regimen of exfoliating and moisturizing.


Your skin is the one thing that is going to suffer in the elements. It’s the one thing that people will always see, so you should always ensure that you are feeling your absolute best. Smooth and healthy skin that is cared for will make your confidence soar.


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