Home Disharmony: When The Flow Is Stopped

June 5, 2018



Water is formless, it's swashes and swathes its way throughout the home. A remarkable liquid, it's the replenisher of life and one of the true fundamentals of a modern home. We don’t think much of it because why should we, it's supposed to be normal right? We turn on the taps and we just expect it there. Haven’t you ever wondered the wonderful journey the water goes on inside your home to come out of the taps? It's a maze of pipes, going through pressure sections, contacting hot and cold while being passed around refrigerators and water heaters. So when the flow is stopped and disharmony is brought into your home, the basics suddenly start to get valued much more. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all take certain things in life for granted. How do you restart the flow to what it once was and stop it from ever going again?


Clear the jam


Even if your water pipes don’t feel or sound clogged, clearing them out will increase the pressure. This means that water rushes out of the taps quicker and there’s less waiting time; especially. The obvious tip would be to just slosh the drains with gobfuls of bleach. If you live in a rural part of the country or in an older home, minerals are more likely to get stuck in your water pipes. Tiny pieces of sediment, lime and calcium build up and up until you have a blockage. Take the time to install a water softener used block salt to thrust through the pipe, making sure to encompass the inner circumference of the pipe and hit off anything that is trying to form and impede water flow. Every faucet gains a little boost in pressure, from your shower to the washing machine.



Snap of a finger


At the snap of a finger, you should be getting hot water whenever you please. It's a bizarre paradox that we live in as technology has advanced so much that anyone can live in luxury. But there are so many homes that are decades old and don’t have such things to drag their living standard to the modern era. But if you are someone who wishes to never have to wait and wait until you have enough hot water to go around for the entire family, you will have installed a water heater system. Indeed it's new but it's not indestructible, you need to take care of water heaters. They perform a fantastic job of hot water on-demand, when you want it, for however long you want it. One can imagine the pressure that builds up and up over the months and years, at which point you come across a leak on top of washer. Pipe fittings and connection are one of the culprits as is the T&P relief valve. But usually, it's the cold-water inlet valve that brings the water into the heater. Normally when this is faulty you’ll see water dripping onto the top of the heater.


The disharmony that a sudden stoppage in water flow brings to your home will be short lived. Kicking out the little islands that form inside the piping before they get a foothold will save you from a migraine. Hot water shouldn’t be a luxury, and it won’t be if you can make regular checks of maintenance to your heater system.


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