Themed Decor Inspiration: Nautical and Nice

June 2, 2018




When it comes to interior design, themes can be divisive. Some people say that themes are a boring or tired concept; others insist that a room can be downright dull without a central,  cohesive thread linking everything together.


If you’re in the latter group, you’ll be delighted by just how many ways a room can be themed. Whether it’s rustic to uber-contemporary, there’s a theme that can link together all of your favorite pieces and create a stunning interior picture as a result. However, even among the wide variety of different themes, there is one that tends to rise to the top and maintain an eternal popular: the nautical theme.


So if you like to be beside the seaside and want to ensure your home is shipshape (sorry), then here are the essential components of a nautically-themed room…


#1 - The classic nautical color palette


If you’re going for a nautical theme, then the color palette of the room very much chooses itself: red, white, and blue. These are the classics that will instantly make your overall objective clear.


If you’re not a fan of red, white, and blue, then opt for ‘seaside’ tones. For example, coral, sand yellow, and turquoise can be used with other nautical elements to complete a different take on the look; there’s a great guide to these shades on


#2 - Themed fixtures and fittings


Given the popularity of the nautical theme, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding fixtures that reflect this theme. Fixtures are a great way of establishing the theme through the fundamentals of the room; you can then enhance and build on this with the rest of the decor. You could opt for curtain rails that feature lighthouses or seashell embellishments, or even try these nautical ceiling fans from— the possibilities really are endless.


The benefit of themed fixtures is that the overall theme of the room appears to be thoroughly well-thought-out. It will be clear that even the fundamentals in the room are designed to have a nautical appearance, emphasizing the thought you have put into creating a cohesive overall look.


#3 - Stripes


There’s something about stripe patterns that makes everyone think ‘nautical’. The association probably comes from navy uniforms, but whatever its origin, it’s clear that stripes definitely have a role to play in a nautical interior. In fact, it’s a fairly dominant role; if you’re looking for more subtle theming, you should omit the stripes. For a more overt style, you largely need stripes to complete the look.


Thankfully, stripes are incredibly versatile. You can opt for subtle hints — striped cushions, for example — or go all-out and opt for striped paint. If you’ve never painted stripes before, then the video below should help:


In conclusion

The three elements above are the starting points from which you can build a nautical theme. From here, you can move onto other elements of home decor, such as artwork and soft furnishings; all of which can be used to neatly tie the theme together, and ensure the finished look is as good as it can be.

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