Designer Clashes, Inevitably

June 2, 2018




The home should be perfect. Are there any objections? Of course there isn’t; a blind man can see this to be true. What isn’t as obvious is the level of skill involved. In short, it takes a lot of experience and homeowners often lack expertise yet crack on regardless. Ten out of ten for effort, but the results won’t be what you expect or want. A professional designer is different because they have everything a homeowner needs in abundance. Be warned, though – working with one isn’t a walk in the park. Designers inevitably clash, so here’s how to manage the situation.


Ask Lots Of Questions


If Stephen Hawking were in the living room, he’d get bombarded with questions about the universe. Rightly so, too, because it’s only now and again that we get to pick the brain of a genius. Interior designers aren’t on the same level, but they are experts regarding their profession. Asking why they do things will increase your expertise levels for the future and help you to learn. More importantly, it gives you an insight into their thinking. With this peek into their mind, it’s easy to tell if they are on the same wavelength of need reining in.




The one thing customers should never do is to bow to superior knowledge. Well, you have to understand that they are pros, but don’t let them take point. Okay, being a leader is part of their forte, yet they shouldn’t be overbearing. Are you following?! What this post is trying to say is that you shouldn’t take them at their word. Even if they are specialists, it’s your home and you have to live there at the end of the day. So, if there is an old clock you love but they hate, don’t hesitate to hit up The last call on creative freedom is in your hands, just don’t go power mad.


Be Reasonable


When was the last time you watched Grand Designs? Did you look at it through rose-tinted glasses? The odds are you watched the final reveal and thought “wow, what an amazing job!” Sure, the end product is always on point, but there’s no way the show did it to a tight deadline without tons of help. Regular designers won’t be able to replicate TV show results without a bottomless budget and vast resources. Remember that when outlining the plans because it’s critical to the relationship. Don’t ask for something that’s impossible.


Break It Down


Of course, the price is going to be a sticking point. Homeowners want to pay as little as possible whereas designers try to maximize profits. Firstly, understand that there will be a bill at the end of the road. Secondly, ensure it’s not too pricey. Typically, freelancers either charge by the hour or they ask the customer to pay for materials and add a labour charge. Both of these techniques are normal, but you still need a breakdown of costs.


Are you preparing to work with an interior designer? Are you nervous or excited or both?


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