Sleep Style: 3 Ways To Look Chic As You Snooze

May 31, 2018

Most of the time, we all talk about how we want to be able to look chic and sophisticated in life. However, we tend to talk about what we’re wearing between 9-5 or 6-9! We’re thinking about our usual daytime wear or what we’re wearing out at night. But what about the stuff you wear to bed? If you know that you want to stay stylish when you sleep, here are three choices to help you to do it.



1. Silk Pajamas


First of all, we have a classic contender. It’s safe to say that silk pajamas are a winner with a lot of us. If you want to feel comfortable and look the part too, this is the winner. You can invest in pricey pairs or go for an understated satin instead. Either way, when you pick out pretty silk pajamas, you’ll always feel chic.


2. Feminine Nightie


Next, you’re going to want to consider opting for a nice nightie. If you want to look feminine when you go to bed, a dress is a great option. Again, you could go for something silk, but you could also go for quality cotton or a shirt that makes you feel a little more comfortable too.


3. Chic Sleep-suit 


Finally, you’ve also got the option of going for a sleepsuit. The onesie has been around forever, as you can see in the infographic below. But you don’t have to go for a character, you could choose a pretty pattern instead.

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1. Silk-satin playsuit STELLA MCCARTNEY 

2. Silk Eye Mask SLIP

3. Satin & Leather Slippers LE PETIT TROU

4. Sleep Series - Settle, 10ml DE MAMIEL

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