Moving Across The Country - What To Expect

June 1, 2018



Moving across the country, from coast to coast, can be a very new and engaging experience. It can also be more of a culture shock than you might have initially expected. This can be essentially important to understand when hoping to settle in your new surroundings with nothing but relaxation and comfort.


This is especially true if you have a family. We all know that feeling of long-distance efforts, but all the more when children are involved. Nobody actually enjoys the moving process, but knowing what you can expect during the journey and the first few days in the new environment can help you plan in advance and make the whole experience easier to deal with. Keep the following expectations in mind, and you’ll surely be more prepared from a schedule perspective, but also mentally and emotionally.


The Need To Reduce Stress


Moving across the country is an absolutely taxing process. Remember, heading from one coast to another is not simply moving to another state nearby. It is covering an entire landmass, one that would take you days upon days to drive - and likely will. For that reason, reducing stress from the outset is essential. First of all, set your driving route immediately. You need to understand what freeways you are going to take, and what towns you are going to pass through. This will help you calculate hard driving time with time staying overnight. It is likely you’ll be driving because it’s the cheaper option, but you can also have your vehicle towed and take a flight if this option is financially viable to you.


Be sure to eat well, take enough breaks, get enough sleep and plan this entire affair like a vacation mixed with slight elements and the discipline of a military operation. This will help you stay on the right track, but also help you vent steam where appropriate.


Completely Different Cultural Feelings


Remember, moving across the country, while still part of your nation, can be a real cultural shock. Imagine moving from the West to East coast after living in the former for all of your life. Of course you are going to be surprised at the difference between cultural attitudes, and this might be better in some aspects or worse in some aspects. These aren’t hard and fast rules - they will likely depend on your expectations and personal tastes. For example, it might be that the distance and openness of Oregon state has led to some pretty friendly driving attitudes, while in New York of course they are to be tighter and more intensive.

Many people think that heading to another location in their own country might not be that much different, but simple attitudes, dialects, the social norms and many other things can shock you. That means it can always be worth spending time in the location before you move there, just to gain somewhat of an understanding of the whole affair before you head there. It might be you research or forge friends before you go, or simply enjoy the new people and attitudes you interface with more regularly from here on out.


Consider this an adventure, no matter how comforting or relaxed this move might feel. There is always something new to impress upon you, no matter where you move.


A Long Distance Haul


The moving requirements of a household are much different when over a massive stretch of land. It’s not as simple as loading up the truck and sending all your belongings on their way. Even the best movers need to know what to expect. This means coming to a mutually beneficial plan for the both of you. It’s likely going to be the case that you need to oversee both the packing of your goods onto the truck, and then the subsequent unloading of them a few days later. This could mean that instead of racing them to the new location, you have someone on either end of the move ready to both load and receive in equal measure. This helps prevent the moving company from waiting around without due reason as you struggle in traffic to get to the new location.


There are also more options for long-haul moves. For example, you might want the goods delivered on a certain date, or you might ask for only some of the goods to be transported some of the way. It might be you hope some of the goods to be delivered to your home while others are brought to your new office. There are many different considerations and many different insurance packages for your property that you can find or have recommended to you via this company. At the very least, the understanding that ironclad and crystal clear arrangements must be made in advance will help you push forward and arrange something that makes sense for all the actors involved.


The First Few Weeks


It’s not as if you’re moving down the road, and can simply return to your old abode temporarily or stay with family members if things do not go as initially expected. The first few weeks of moving does require solid planning, in terms of how your utilities set up, how your home security is envisioned, and how much furniture you might have access to. This is why it’s always worth ensuring you have the first few weeks planned out.


It might take regular visits to ensure the house is up to speed before you arrive. It might be worth purchasing temporary furniture, or at least laying it out. For example, if you’re moving in a few days or a week before the removals van is set to arrive, you might consider using airbeds or travel gear to live in your home well, but with enough equipment to make it through. You absolutely need to ensure your home has access to running warm water, and gas or electricity, or at least set a budget to help you eat takeout food for however long it takes for your home to be stocked.


With these simple tips that help you plan for the future, and the previous expectations understood, you are likely to enjoy a wonderful and exciting move to the new chapter in your life.


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