5 Luxury Ways To Amp Up Your Road Trip This Summer

June 1, 2018




What better way is there to make the most of the summer months than with a road trip? Whether you loyal lover or you’re yet to be converted, heading out on a road trip can be the ultimate way to enjoy a vacation. Even if you’re used to heading to the same kind of holiday spots, you should find that deciding to road trip it instead is a killer way to really pack a lot of fun into a short space of time. If you’re worried about being cooped up in a car for a long period of time - don’t be. This is exactly why you need to thinking about adding a little luxury to your trip. Even if you’re a long-time road tripper, ramping things up with a little luxury this year could be exactly what you need. And here’s how to do it.


1. Hire A Car


First of all, forget all about taking your old auto. If you know that its unreliable and a bit cramped, you should think about hiring a car instead. And not just any kind of car. Something like the PureDrive luxury car hire lineup of models. By upgrading your ride to something not only new and reliable, but also luxury, you know that you’ll have a good time. You will also be able to enjoy the comforts that come with the car for a more relaxing ride too.


2. Hire A Driver


Or if you want to go on a step further, hire a driver. Okay, so technically this won’t be like your old-fashioned road trip, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re in the car and you’re taking a trip, then technically you are on a road trip. You’re just doing it luxe style. And best of all, you’ll get to just chill out in the back without the pressure of having to drive when you’re tired!


3. Book A Luxury Hotel


Another touch of luxury can be found easily by switching out motel stays for a swanky hotel. You don’t have to stay in posh hotels all the time, but maybe just booking one incredible stay (complete with valet parking for your luxury ride, of course) could be cool.


4. Stop At Stunning Sights


Sightseeing is definitely a key part of the classic road trip. But you’re not going to want to just see any old sights on your luxury road trip - oh no! Instead, make sure that you pick out something from the CountryLiving most beautiful places list and then base your trip around that destination. When you get to enjoy a really striking sight, it will definitely be worth it.


5. Snack Gourmet


And your final luxury touch? Swap out those egg salad sandwiches for snackin’ sushi and truffle tries! Yes, posh road tripping snacks will definitely add the cherry on top of an already luxury trip. Just make sure that you shop ahead and stop at the best takeout places along the way too.


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